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No more double-guessing
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Increase value of your items
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Need an authentication service?

You’re about to buy an item and you’re not sure whether it’s authentic or not
You’ve already bought an item and you don’t know if you’ve been scammed
You’ve been scammed and you want to get your money back
Industry experts will help you figure this out: we'll do the heavy lifting, you find out the truth.
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Legit Check is the reference point for every discussion around authenticity

There are lots of uncertainties in the fashion markets.
We’ve built a company around fixing those problems.

Library of authentication guides

We are the only company that puts its skin in the game. Our research that backs the service we’re selling is public, exposed and shareable. No more “trust us, we know”. Read our free guides on how to authenticate various items.
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Authentication service: get verified by industry experts

The White Glove Service came from public demand. As we’ve put our lab coats on and became scientist when we were building the library, our audience asked for this. We’ve listened — and delivered.
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Legit Check App

Our app is our library’s extension that serves as a navigator. Sometimes all you want is a brief, bite-sized set of information. The App is meant to be a perfectly-organised way of reaching the answer for the question: fake or real?
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