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Item Name
Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange (W) - Guava Ice (STYLE CODE: BQ6472-800)
Certificate Owner
Allison Michael, [email protected], 07/02/2021
1. The AIR JORDAN logo's inscriptions are deeply stamped, a detail that is never properly replicated on the fake versions of Air Jordan 1 pairs. 2. The quality of the leather found on this Air Jordan 1 pair is in tune with other Air Jordan 1 pairs in this colourway 3. The thickness of the Swooshes found on this pair is perfect 4. The patch on the back of these shoes, where the two Swooshes meet, is correctly shaped 5. The Swoosh logo on the side of these shoes is properly attached to the shoes, as its stitching is of a higher quality than the logo found on the fake pairs
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