Certificate of Authenticity
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Item Name
Christian Dior Navy Oblique Monogram Canvas Book Tote, (STYLE CODE: 50-MA-0158)
Certificate Owner
Chessaty Belderok, [email protected], 11/09/2020
1. The “CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS” text found on the front side of this Dior Book Tote bag has its letters improperly font-weighted, as they are too thick when compared to the authentic bags’ text 2. The letters on the same “CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS” text on the front side of this bag are waving, as some of them have different sizes and placement, especially the letters “I” and “O” in the main “DIOR” text 3. The “PARIS” text has its letter “A” waving as well 4. The front side of the label on the interior side of this Dior Book Tote bag does not use the proper colour, as the authentic bags always have their text coloured as golden, while this bag has its text grey/silver 5. The “Dior” pattern found all around this Dior Tote bag has uses a different font from the text found on the legitimate Dior Book Tote bags, as the text found on this Dior bag is too boxy
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