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Item Name
Supreme Takashi Murakami COVID-19 Relief Box Logo Tee White - WHITE
Certificate Owner
Srs Srs, [email protected], 08/07/2020
1. The wash tag prints are not in tune with the inscriptions found on other authentic Supreme tee’s wash tags. The text is varying in terms of font-weight or kerning (the space between characters) 2. The overall placement of the characters found on the wash tags is imperfect as well, proof that lower-quality factory equipment was used to produce this item. Thus, compromises have been made in the production of this item (a detail which is commonly observed on replicated items, as interior details do not matter as much) 3. The neck tag presents low-quality stitched inscriptions, and the words are not centered on the strip and they’re not as legible as they’re meant to be 4. The frontal and the rear printings met on this Supreme t-shirt are not in tune with the authentic t-shirts due to the font-weight which is too big on this t-shirt (the printings are too thick on this item). Not only that, but the colours on this bogo are too dark as well
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