Certificate of Authenticity
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Item Name
Air Jordan 1 Retro High x Union Los Angeles Black Toe - WHITE/BLACK-VARSITY RED-WOLF GREY (STYLE CODE: BV1300-106)
Certificate Owner
Thomas Campbell, [email protected], 23/08/2020
  1. The tongue label's side with multiple lines of text is imprecisely built, as the characters in that area are misaligned, inconsistent, and waving. This flaw is a red flag that shows us that lower quality factory equipment was used, a guaranteed way to spot a fake item
  2. The text on the size tag is presenting a font-weight that's too low when compared to other authentic items. This is a point of proof that lower quality factory equipment was used to produce this tag
  3. The stitching below the UN/LA tab is less dense than the stitching found on authentic items. Besides, the stitching below the UN/LA tab on this pair is misplaced. As for the authentic Union AJ1s, they must have their text on the “UN/LA” tab looking denser and placed in a pattern which all of the legit shoes must follow, while these shoes do not have their stitching correctly positioned
  1. The cross-stitching is placed too close to the Nike Swoosh logo, while the authentic Air Jordan 1 x Union sneakers must have their cross-stitching placed a bit closer to the Nike Swoosh logo
  2. The text on the UN/LA tab has different font-weights for the letters
  3. The overall shape and structure of this Air Jordan pair are not in tune with other authentic Air Jordan pairs: the toe box is over-inflated, a flaw that is always present on fake pairs.
  4. The Nike Swoosh logo on these Air Jordan 1 Union sneakers is too small, while the authentic Union Air Jordan 1s must have their Nike Swoosh logo on the side looking bigger
  5. The patch on the rear side of these shoes of where the Nike Swoosh logos from the interior and exterior sides of the shoes meet together does not present the same dimensions, while the authentic sneakers always have the same size for their patch
  6. The text on the insole of these Air Jordan 1 Union sneakers is too thin, while the authentic Unio Air Jordan 1s always have their insole’s text looking thicker than the text found on this pair’s stitching
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