The Official Guide: How To Spot FAKE Supreme (2024)

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Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Ch David

This is the only Supreme authentication guide you’ll ever need.

If your item is very niche, see our library of real vs fake Supreme tutorials.

How to know if your Supreme is legit

If the neck tag has a very saturated red color on the neck tag, then you don’t have a legit Supreme. Real Supreme products have thin inscriptions on the wash tags.

1. Wash tag

1.1. Hoodie

In this comparison: Bandana Box Logo Hoodie.

1.1.1. Upper Stitching:

  • Fake: Stitches are disconnected and straight.
  • Authentic: Stitches are connected and wavy.

1.1.2. The Trademark ® Symbol:

  • Fake: “R” inside the circle is oversized and touches the edges.
  • Authentic: “R” is correctly sized and doesn’t touch the edges.

1.1.3. The “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” Printing:

  • Fake: “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text is oversized and thick.
  • Authentic: Text is smaller and thinner.

1.1.4. Middle Block of Text:

  • Fake: Four lines of text are thicker and oversized.
  • Authentic: Text is thinner and correctly sized.

1.1.5. The “RN 101837” Text:

  • Fake: Uses a different font, especially noticeable on the “1”.
  • Authentic: Matches the font of the authentic item.

1.1.6. The 30° Washing Machine Text:

  • Fake: Degree symbol (°) is too thin.
  • Authentic: Symbol is correctly sized.

1.1.7. The “MADE IN CANADA” Print:

  • Fake: Significantly taller “MADE IN CANADA” text.
  • Authentic: Smaller “MADE IN CANADA” text.

1.1.8. Materials:

  • Both “100% COTTON” and “90% COTTON / 10% POLYESTER” are found on authentic Supreme Bandana items.
  • See the image below for reference:

Here’s an example of an authentic Supreme Box Logo hoodie that reads “90% COTTON / 10% POLYESTER.”

Let’s look at another comparison:


  • Top stitching is slanted and uneven.
  • Adequate space between “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” and the black line below.


  • Top stitching is slanted and uneven.
  • Insufficient space between “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” and the black line below, leading to a cramped appearance.

The rear side of the wash tag:

  • Authentic: Printing is thick and bold.
  • Fake: Printing is thin and lacks boldness.

Keep an eye out for the “extra clip” flaw:

  • Authentic: Does not have an extra clip, as the wash tag is stitched into the hoodie.
  • Fake: Has an extra clip at the top of the wash tag.

Finding it too difficult? Our expert Supreme authenticators are here for you:

1.2. Sweater

In the comparison: Box Logo Crewneck.

Let’s begin with the front of the wash tag:

  1. Stitching:
    • Authentic: Properly weighted and positioned stitches with consistent thickness and length.
    • Fake: Improperly weighted and positioned stitches with varying thickness and shorter length.
  2. The “Supreme” printing:
    • Authentic: Thicker letters.
    • Fake: Thinner letters.
  3. The registered trademark “®” symbol:
    • Authentic: Thicker and larger symbol.
    • Fake: Thinner and smaller symbol.
  4. The “100% COTTON” printing:
    • Authentic: Thicker, wider, and larger text.
    • Fake: Thinner, smaller, and somewhat boxier text.
  5. The “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” and the lines below:
    • Authentic: All letters at the same font-weight.
    • Fake: “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text and lines below look too thin.
  6. The “MADE IN CANADA” / “RN 101837” prints:
    • Authentic: Thinner and less boxy.
    • Fake: Thicker and boxier.
  7. The washing information symbols:
    • Authentic: “30°” symbol smaller and thinner.
    • Fake: “30°” symbol larger and thicker.

Here’s a comparison of the label with shorter text:

  • The text is too thin.
  • The inscriptions are too big.
  • They also have too much space in between every symbol.

Let’s move to the back of the wash tag:

Authentic Supreme Crewneck:

  1. “100% COTTON” text is thicker and not as wide.
  2. Asian language text is thinner, taller, wider, and less boxy.
  3. “0570-057-300” text is not as thin.
  4. “30” inscription is thicker.

Fake Supreme Crewneck:

  1. “100% COTTON” text is wider and thinner.
  2. Asian language text is thicker, shorter, narrower, and boxy.
  3. “0570-057-300” text is too thin.
  4. “30” inscription is too thin.

Here’s the back of the same wash tags:

Fake Supreme Crewneck:

  • “100% COTTON” text in English is too big and thick.
  • “100% COTTON” text in the Asian language is also too thick.

1.3. T-Shirt

In the comparison: Brooklyn Box Logo.

Fake Supreme Bogo Tee:

  • Text is too thin.
  • “TUBMLE” text has a thick “M.”
  • Grey “SUPREME” text is too transparent.
  • “RN#101837” text is too thick.

2. Neck tag

2.1. Hoodie

Reference image: Box Logo Hoodie.


  • Well-aligned and consistent “Supreme” text.
  • Evenly positioned letters.
  • Uniform thickness of letters.


  • Irregular and misaligned “Supreme” text.
  • Improperly positioned letters, with height variations.
  • Thicker letters, especially at the bottom of the “p.”

Spacing may differ even on authentic examples. Don’t take it as a go-to tell.

Despite that, hey should never be overlapping or touching as the text in the fake example below:

  • The fake “Supreme” and “MADE IN CHINA” tabs overlap.
  • There is no space between the tags.

An authentic Supreme Bogo hoodie will never have these two tags overlapping.

2.2. Sweater

Reference image: Box Logo Crewneck.


  1. Well-proportioned “Supreme ®” text.
  2. Consistent label size.
  3. “MADE IN CHINA” text with thicker inscriptions.
  4. Adequate spacing between tags.


  1. Thin “Supreme ®” text.
  2. Larger inscriptions on the “Supreme ®” label.
  3. Thinner “MADE IN CHINA” text.
  4. Tags placed too close together, making contact.

2.3. T-Shirt

Reference image: Bandana Box Logo.


  1. Uniform and well-defined shapes in the “Supreme” box logo.
  2. Appropriately thick letters in the box logo.
  3. Correct letter placement and spacing.
  4. Properly sized and positioned trademark (®) symbol.
  5. “PRE-SHRUNK” text and lines of text below have thinner and well-proportioned characters.


  1. Inconsistent and irregular letter shapes in the “Supreme” box logo.
  2. Thin letters in the box logo.
  3. Incorrect letter placement and excessive spacing.
  4. Oversized and thick trademark (®) symbol with “R” touching the edges.
  5. “PRE-SHRUNK” text and lines of text below appear thicker and boxier.

3. Box logo

supreme t-shirt real vs fake logo


  • “Supreme” box logo letters, like “p”, are thicker.
  • Letters “u” and “p” are closely positioned.


  • The letter “p” has a too thin leg.
  • Excessive space between letters “u” and “p”.

4. Interior

Supreme Crewneck Box Logo Real vs Fake interior


  • Box logo stitched flawlessly, no extra threads around letters or logo.


  • Extra threads visible around the box logo and adjacent to the letters.

5. Side tag

Supreme x CDG


  • On real Supreme Bandana Box Logo items, the “Supreme” text on the side tag is centered both ways.
  • This accurate positioning reflects Supreme’s meticulous attention to detail.


  • Fake Supreme Bandana Box Logo items show irregularities in “Supreme” text placement on the side tag.
  • The text might be positioned too high or too low, unlike the precise alignment in genuine products.

Expert Supreme authentication

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