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Given the fact that this shoe isn’t an incredibly popular model due to price, availability and also because of many variations throughout the years, it’s hard to create a one-fits-all general rule. However, there are some inconsistencies that may help you spot the fakes

Gucci Shoes Box Legit vs Fake

1 – Look out for irregularities like this. On the fakes, there’s too much spacing between these lines and they seem to have different fonts.

2 – It wouldn’t make any sense why there’d be any handwriting on the box

3 – There should be a silhouette of the shoe just like in the authentic example, but never a render as in the fake box displayed.

Gucci Shoes Box Legit vs Fake

And then there’s this type of tag which can be easily identified as a fake one – looks nothing like the real one and has inconsistencies like extra spacing between “I” and “taly” (in Italy) or no barcode number.

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