Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low Top Guide

Ch David
Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low Top Legit Check Guide
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Are you a great fan of originality, and you are bothered on how to spot fake Travis Scott Low Top?

Then you are on the right track! In this article, we have put together a comprehensive guide that would help you tell real vs fake Travis Scott Low Top.

Wait, don’t get confused yet – it isn’t that hard to differentiate between the two. Naturally, understanding this is quite easy, if you just pay attention to details.

So, herein we have compared the real vs fake in detail, and you can find them just below for free!

However, should you still be finding it hard to comprehend the disparity between the authentic vs the counterfeit, please remember that we run an authentication service as well.

Nevertheless, even without our authentication service, our fake vs real AJ1 Travis Scott Low comparison is one that is easy to understand.

So, without beating around the bush any further, let’s dive deep right into our real vs fake comparison!

How to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott low top

Summarily, to tell the real vs fake, you need to look out for the “SWOOSH” text. There must be no inconsistency such as wavy characters or weird spaces between letters.

And also, the ® character, which looks more like a B on the fake, other than an R.

Step 1: Check for inconsistencies on the tongue tag

This is by far the most effective way of telling which is original and which is counterfeit of the Travis Scott low top.

The reason is, however, not far-fetched; many of these fake AJ1 Travis Scott Low manufacturers do not pay attention to the details on this part of the show.

Reason being that only the wearer of the shoes would see it once the shoes are already on the feet.

For the tongue tag, there are basically three errors committed by the fake AJ1 Travis Scott Low-Top manufacturers;

Firstly, the first error is found in the “SWOOSH” text. Let’s have a look at the fake vs real AJ1 Travis Scott comparison pictures:

Real VS Fake: Travis Scott Low Top

If you check the first SWOOSH text from the top, you would realize its lack of inconsistency. Meaning, it is bold and doesn’t exhibit wavy properties, unlike the fake sneakers.

Checking through the counterfeit, you would see it doesn’t follow a particular alignment towards the x-axis (horizontal axis) thereby causing it to display as a wavy text.

Another error on replica Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low pairs is on the tongue tag is the ® character.

Looking at the fake character, besides the first SWOOSH text, you would notice a weird spacing between the character and text.

We mean, unlike the authentic Travis Scott low top, the ® is closely jampacked with the SWOOSH text, leaving no spacing whatsoever.

Also, its boldness begs for mercy, as it has been overly thickened, thereby selling them out as a counterfeit.

For the other SWOOSH text, found near the “MADE IN CHINA” text, the error is also the same as that of the first Swoosh text.

Although, the character, in this case, moved a step farther to look more like a B instead of R.

Without gainsaying, this method is the most efficient one in to tell fake vs real Travis Scott Low Top.

Step 2: Fake vs real Travis Scott AJ1 Low suede effect and colour

Proceeding to the second step of the guide on how to spot fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker, we are going to have a look at the quality of the suede material all around the fake vs real AJ1 TS Low shoes.

When you draw a line with your finger on the suede material of your Travis Scott Low 1s, there should be traces and marks left where your finger has been.

Therefore, the material on the authentic sneakers is supposed to get darker where it was touched.

In the real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High image above, we have pointed out how, even though the fake shoes have their suede effect nuanced, it is not nuanced enough.

On the other hand, the authentic Travis Scott AJ1s have their suede effect concentrated, as it leaves darker traces and it shouts a more high-quality material than the one used to craft the fake shoes.

Step 3: Check the toe box of the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low

This is yet another loophole exposing the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low properties.

At the sole, look out for the toe box. Therein, you would see that the fake is more curved at the sole more than that of the authentic (see the direction the emojis are pointing at).

Travis Scott Low Top Toe Box

Basically, for a Travis Scott Low Top, the toes box is just supposed to lace the sole round, as seen in the authentic picture. Instead of bursting up into the body of the sneakers as seen in the fake photo.

This also brings another error to our notice; the toe box of the fake AJ1 TS Low sneaker is too inflated. It is inflated more than usual.

These two flaws highlighted from the toe box would also serve a great deal in sealing the comparison of the real vs fake of the Travis Scott Low Top.

But that isn’t all with our fake vs real Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low comparison; we’ve got even more! Let’s proceed…

Step 4: Inspect the Cactus Jack & Air Jordan logos on the back heel

On the left shoe, the fake AJ1 TS has too many stitches, more than that of the real sneakers. (Check the first emojis from the top on both pictures of real vs fake).

Not only that. On the right shoe too, inspect the word “AIR” on both pairs of real and counterfeit properly.

Travis Scott Low Top Air Jordan Logo Back Heel

You would notice in the end that the “R” in the word “AIR” on the right shoe of the fake is too skinny, skinnier than that of the original. Didn’t you notice that on your first look?

The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways on how to authenticate this item.

The tells listed below this point are still reliable signs of authenticity, but for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. We recommend sticking to the top tells we’ve explained above this point to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions.

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Step 5: Inspect the Cactus Jack side tongue logos

On this basis, our inspection would be drawn from the right and left pair of the shoe.

First of all, we will have a look at the best replicas on the market, and then we will analyze the sneakers with a cheaper pair of fake AJ1 TS low-top.

The left pair – best quality:

For now, let’s have a look at the best fake vs real AJ1 TS low-top comparison, and then we will move on.

aj1 ts legit check

This may be the best replica on the market, but that doesn’t mean that there are no flaws. In fact, you will have to analyze these by looking closer.

You can see the fact that the fake top right line above the Cactus Jack text logo is placed a lot further from the line of stitching that’s crossing all over the sneakers.

On the legit pair, this line is placed a lot closer to this line, as it even touches the stitching line.

The right pair – best quality:

Let’s move on to the right shoe and let’s inspect the real vs fake AJ1 Travis Scott low-top sneakers.

legit check aj1 ts

Basically, the same problem is met here too, but on the most left red line: the fake red line that’s on the most left side of the sneakers is placed too far away from the stitching that crosses the sneakers, as it doesn’t touch this stitching line, just as it has to be as on the legit AJ1 TS low.

Even more, the letter “C” in the word “Cactus” is placed too close to the stitching line that crosses the sneakers on the fake shoes, and on the legit ones, it is placed a little lower than that.

The left pair – worse quality:

If you would notice, on this pair of the shoe, the 3 lines drawn around the letter “C” are too close to the “C,” on the fake pair, more than on the original (Check the emojis placed in the picture above).

Real VS Fake: Travis Scott Low Top Cactus Jack Logo Right Shoe

In furtherance to this, inspecting the stitches on the left pair around the Cactus Jack Side Logo, you would notice that on the fake shoe, the line around “C” from the right is too close to the stitches when compared to that on the original.

The right pair – worse quality:

The same thing highlighted on the left shoe can also be noticed on the right pair. Just that the flaws on the right footwear is stretched even further;

AJ1 Ts Low Legit Check

The line from the left of “C” from the picture, can be seen to have been drawn below the stitching on the authentic AJ1 TS, while on the fake AJ1 TS, the line is slightly above the stitching.

Checking the letter “A” too, the letter ‘A’ on the fake sneakers can be seen to have been placed too low, thereby making it fall below the Swoosh. Whereas, in the real shoe, the “A” as to be above the SWOOSH.

The same situation is for the letter “U” too. It is placed too low on the fake AJ1 TS when in actual sense, it has to be seen a little bit because it has been merged with the SWOOSH.

Basically, that is all when comparing the real vs fake of the Travis Scott Low Top using the Cactus Jack Side Logos.

Step 6: The reverse Swoosh

The reverse swoosh is another effective means to tell real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott.

However, no matter how effective it might appear, it doesn’t still beat the degree of efficiency of the tongue tag, in telling the difference between a real and fake Travis Scott Low Top.

Travis Scott Low Top Reverse Swoosh

On the fake sneakers, check illustration on the picture, the tip of the Swoosh is less arched.

Alongside this is a crooked Swoosh line, this can be seen on the left side of the swoosh, just after its tip. (you can see the emojis on the picture to get it even clearer).

Finally, on the reverse Swoosh, the bottom left side of the sign – the part that connects with the sole of the shoe, on the authentic Swoosh, is more curved than on the fake. 

The real sneakers take a sharp curvature at this point, unlike the counterfeit which is less sharped – in a nutshell, the fake Travis Scott Top Low has a fatter curve on the bottom side of the Reverse Swoosh sign.

Step 7: Check the size tag on your AJ1 TS Low

On the Size tag, the “XC” text on the fake shoes is too thick, thicker than that of the retail pair. This flaw is even more visible on the “C” character of the “XC” text.

Travis Scott Low Top Size Tag

Another thing to take note of is that on the replica pair, the “XC” text is closer to the edge of the black bar placed just below the said text. Which, however, isn’t so on the retail pair of sneakers.

This flaw, unless talked about, is one that isn’t quick to notice. Remember, we said at the onset of this comparison of real vs fake AJ1 TS that we would be treating this topic of discourse in details.

Step 8: Scan the insole of your Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low

The insole, just like the Cactus Jack Side Logos, the flaws can be seen on both the left and the right shoe.

Left shoe:

On the left shoe is a Jumpman Logo. Inspecting this logo properly, you would notice that the fingers of the Jumpman on the counterfeit shoe are tiny, smaller than those of the real.

Travis Scott Low Top Insole Left Shoe

And upon that, the fingers are less visible to the sight you can’t see them correctly, even after straining your eye.

Right shoe:

On the right shoe, check the letters we have highlighted in the picture above, you would notice that the text is thicker on the fakes. And aside from that, there is a varying amount of spacing between the letters.

Travis Scott Low Top Insole Right Shoe

Step 9: Inspect the AJ1 Travis Scott Low sole

On the fake shoe, you would find out that the stars inscribed on the sole is extensively more detailed than that of the retail Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low-Top pair.

Travis Scott Low Top Sole

And this is more noticeable on the stars found at the edge of the fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott pair.

Step 10: Inspect the NIKE tongue tag

Another flaw that would be used for comparison on our legit check guide for the real vs fake Travis Scott Low Top is that found on the Nike logo attached to the tongue tag.

Travis Scott Low Top Nike Tongue Tag

Firstly, you would check that the logo on the fake tag (check pictures for ease of reference) has a different pattern of stitching.

This, therefore, causes it to appear more noticeable than on that of the authentic pairs of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low.

Step 11: Inspect the Cactus Jack tongue tag at the front of the shoe

Do you remember the flaws of the Cactus Jack logo illustrated on the side of the shoe via Step 3? Here is another similar flaw.

Now, it is located at the front of the shoe. Just beside the Nike Logo that was illustrated too in the last step.

Travis Scott Low Nike Cactus Jack Tongue Tag Front

Once again, the three lines drawn just above the letter “C” of the Cactus can be seen to be closer to the fake shoe than on the real.

Also, stitching intensities are different. The replica Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low pair has fewer stitches, which makes it look smaller, while the legit AJ1 TS pair has more stitches.

Step 12: Verify the packaging paper

The final flaw to be used for our fake vs real comparison is the packaging bag of the Travis Scott Low Top Sneakers.

Travis Scott Low Top Plastic Bag Packaging

The plastic bag that packages the fake shoe appears to be less shiny than the retail one.

Although, when inspected well, you would see for yourself the difference that was illustrated just before this paragraph, this method of comparison isn’t much effective.

All thanks to the flexible change the plastic bag can undergo without much ado. Also, this flaw isn’t too quick to notice, except for people with an owl eye like us.

Or perhaps, you have been on the lookout for it, having learned about it from us.

How can I spot fake Travis Scott Low Top in 30 seconds?

So, should you be too busy to go through the very detailed comparison of real vs fake Travis Scott Low Top Sneakers, then just briefly is a recap of our legit check guide.

In other words, we have exclusively summarized the top 5 ways to tell which is authentic from which is the fake version of this shoe type.

However, we must say; our picture comparison is one to help you tremendously, as each of the flaws has been extensively illustrated.

Albeit, find just below, the five easy steps to know the real vs fake Travis Scott Low Top in only 30 Seconds:

  1. Firstly, look out for inconsistencies on the bold tag. Say wavy SWOOSH texts and weird spaces between the SWOOSH text and the ® character.
  2. Check the quality of the suede material on the side of your shoes. Mostly, the suede effect is not visible on the fake shoes, as the fak shoes’ suede material mostly doesn’t get darker after rubbing it
  3. Secondly, check the Toe Box; the fake would be more curved at the sole than that of the real, and also you would find the toe box more inflated relative to the degree of the authentic shoe.
  4. Further, Inspect the Cactus Jack & Air Jordan logos on the back heel; the stitching on this side of the fake shoe is denser than that of the authentic.
    And also, the letter “R” in the word “AIR” is skinnier on the fake shoe than on the authentic.
  5. Also, Inspect the Cactus Jack Side Logos; you would notice that the three lines drawn just above the letter “C” on the counterfeit, are closer than how it is on the authentic – that is on the left shoe.
    While on the right leg, alongside the flaws on the left shoe, you would also notice that the “C” of the CACTUS text on the authentic is found below the neighbouring stitching.
    While on the fake shoe, it is protruding slightly above the stitching.
  6. Finally, make sure you check the insole.
    You should do this in other to be sure about your claims; on the fake, the fingers of the Jumpman inscribed on the insole of the shoe are faintly visible, unlike in the original where you can see all of the fingers.
    Also, on the right shoe, the texts on the insole are bolder than usual.

Where can I get my Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low Top authenticated? The AJ1 TS Low authentication service

This is one of the best services we offer. Like we’ve mentioned at the onset of this legit check guide, our real vs fake AJ1 TS comparison is out here to be free forever.

And we have made it so detailed, in such a way that you should be finding it hard to have issues understanding it.

However, if for any reason, after going through this “how to spot fake Travis Scott Low Top,” check guide, you are still having elements of doubt within yourself, then you can reach out to us.

We would be happy to offer a helping hand to legit check your pair of Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Low-Tops!

Get our opinion

It’s a simple process after all; all you need do is to send us a picture of the pair you want to confirm its authenticity, and we would reach back to you within 24 to 48 hours, and sometimes, even faster than this stipulated time.

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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