LegitGrails Vs Legit Check By Ch: Comparison

Luxury products need professional authentications. When spending so much on these goods, you want only the best to check them. Join us, and let's compare these services.

Real expertise, not self claimed

Anyone can set up a website and claim they know how to authenticate items. For newer companies, it's easier to emulate what already exists and pay to be featured in magazines. We think actions speak louder than words (especially words from paid ads). Let's put it this way: Legit Check By Ch has a library with 1,000,000+ words written in free, public guides.
Reputable companies and popular brands have been affiliated with us for years and rely on our expertise. We didn't copy anyone, but rather we were the first ones to do free and paid authentications the right way.

Detailed verdicts

At Legit Check By Ch, you'll get an average of 5-6 reasons for our decisions. Instead of 3 AI-generated responses saying "Fake because that's wrong" or "Real because that looks ok", you'll get genuine responses from expert humans. On the other hand, Legit Grails doesn't give you a professional verdict that also sounds professional. You'd just get a couple of points talking about the general look of your item.

If paid authentications are not for you, know that all of our revenue goes back into producing more guides. We want to give back to the community and offer an option for those who are not looking to pay for a legit check.

The best in the industry

Yes, we offer a more expensive service. However, if you pay less than $10 at LegitGrails for an authentication, just imagine how little the authenticator makes for that service! Definitely less than $10 as well.I have a question for you: do you think someone who makes less than $10 genuinely spends time checking Louis Vuitton, Jordans, Gucci, or other important products you're spending thousands on?

If you'd spend over 7 years of your life gathering knowledge on how to legit check yourself, you probably wouldn't sell all of that for $9. This is why Legit Check offers a greater experience: better service and expertise, better customer support, and more patience.

Legit Check By Ch vs LegitGrails

Legit Check


$10 → $100
$9 → $105

Free guides

Authentication Service

Certificate of Authenticity Service

Trusted by banks, PayPal, online marketplaces, etc

Giving out free authentications

Partnerships with industry leaders

App on the app store

Flexible refund policy

Video guides

List of reasons for the decision?

5 actual reasons on average
Shorter, not very detailed answers

Turnaround time

30 min → 48h
30 min → 24h

How many times is an item checked for one purchase?

2 to 4 times
1 time

Referral system

Yes, when a friend buys

Why us over LegitGrails

Here are further reasons why people choose to go from LegitGrails to Legit Check

We're naturally the first ones

Legit Check By Ch doesn't run any ads. You probably found us just by googling 'Legit Check vs LegitGrails' and clicked this. Our expertise is proven through our guides! Look up 'fake vs real Dunks' and you'll see our website first. That's because people like you have been using our resources for ages.

Banks are affiliated with us

Got scammed with fake products? Relax, because our Certificate of Authenticity has a guaranteed 99.9% accuracy rate and it's been trusted before by institutions such as: Bank of America, PayPal, Chase, eBay, Poshmark, and variuos European platforms. You are in safe hands at Legit Check.

Genuine customer support

Because we actually care about our customers, we're here to answer all of your questions. We're not the ones claiming this, but our previous customers (and recurrent ones!) via the Wall Of Love and Trustpilot. If you don't believe this, check it out yourself, or also check our App's Reviews, where you'll see people from all over the world appreciating Legit Check.

Multiple ways to learn

Just want to learn how to legit check yourself? You can see our presence in multiple formats, on any platform you're using every day: YouTube via video guides, App Store via our app, Instagram + Facebook + TikTok + Pinterest through our real vs fake images. If you just want to gain knowledge, know that our experts are making it available for you everywhere.

Legit Check By Ch Vs LegitGrails: what's right for me?

Of course, we can easily say "We're the best, pick us!" — but we want the best for you, so here's an honest opinion:

Both Legit Check and LegitGrails can authenticate for you. It only gets down to this: do you need an actual professional opinion? Or do you just need a quick reply, where the answer is not that important?

What we mean by that is: Go with LegitGrails if you don't care that much whether the verdict is accurate or not. Maybe it's a second check, or maybe you don't care that much because the item is not yours. For whatever reason.

If that's the case, then we have no shame in saying it: don't pay us, and save the money. It's cheaper.

Your peace is on the line

If you don't want to have fakes or you just want to know what's in your hands, Legit Check is what you're looking for.

Put it this way: If your loved one's health is in danger, should you go to the cheaper and faster surgeon, or try and get the best one? The stakes are too high to risk it.

Could sound dramatic, but the same situation is here: people are tired of paying $300 to +$10,000 on rare designer items and not know whether they're real or fake. And also, people are tired of finding out they've got fakes just after buying them.

No need to cheap out

If you would want fake items, you'd just go ahead and buy them. But is it really worth it paying thousands and not knowing if it's legit or not?

The more you cheap out on stuff like Louis Vuitton → Higher chance of it being a fake.

And to be honest, doesn't the same apply to the people who authenticate your products? In our minds, the cheaper it is, the least accurate the verdict is going to be, especially if we're taking in consideration all that was previously said.

All questions are answered here

Legit Check doesn't just take your money and copy + paste a list of reasons. No, we're also answering all of your questions.

If we wouldn't be there for all your concerns, why even bother writing all of the above?

We've been in your position as a confused buyer, so we know what it is like to get second-thoughts or questions not just after purchase, but also after authenticating expensive goods. And that is why Legit Check has success.

LegitGrails vs Legit Check By Ch's business model is not the same — LegitGrails can't afford to handle all those problems. But we do.

Your goods deserve attention

Do we cost more than LegitGrails? Not always the case, but it's easy to replica another one's pricing model.

Are we the fastest? Probably not. If you need a quick answer, LegitGrails' $9 per authentication price tags will do that for you.

We don't rush our service because we want to offer accurate, thought-through legit checks. That's why we've got 4 teams of authenticators!

Authentication Service FAQs

Can you authenticate my item? If yes, where do I start?

The short answer is: we most probably can.

On the off-chance that you place an order for an item we can't authenticate, we'll refund the purchase.

Besides, if we're not sure about an authentication's verdict, we would rather refund the purchase.

Our expertise is earned through the millions of words for the thousands of items we've covered in our Legit Check By Ch Library, where we keep publishing, updating, curating and tweaking the world's most exhaustive Library of fake vs real authentication guides.

To find out for sure whether we can authenticate an item or not:

1. Simply click the green button below
2. Find your item
3. You'll either find your item in our list, or, if you can't find it, you'll be able to select just the brand and the item type.
Let's go

What do I need to place an order?
Is it complicated?

Not much... just your device, information and... that's pretty much it! Even pics of your item are optional: you can upload them later at any given point.
How does the Authentication Service work? What happens once I order?
We've explained everything on this page, but the short of it is:

1. Send us pictures and a few details
2. An authenticator is assigned to your order
3. We come back with a verdict ASAP
4. If we can, we'll help you get your money back.

What's your accuracy %? Why do you claim to be the most trusted service?

It's pretty simple: we wouldn't have offered the service if we weren't bulletproof from this point of view. Why? The reason why we started offering the service is simply because anyone can claim expertise.

Anyone can open up a stall tomorrow and claim "I know how to authenticate".

But the stakes are too high, we believe, for anyone to risk going to somebody who can't prove his expertise. You wouldn't go to the cheapest and fastest surgeon on the market, would you? Not when your (or somebody you love's) life is at stake.

So our expertise is earned through the millions of words for the thousands of items we've covered in our Legit Check By Ch Library, where we keep publishing, updating, curating and tweaking the world's most exhaustive Library of fake vs real authentication guides.

By choosing us, you're making the industry a safer place, as millions of people from all countries around the world rely upon our guides. We're pouring back the money you pay us into making the Library even stronger.

What does it cost?
How much will I have to pay?

1. Simply click the green button below
2. Find your item
3. We'll show you the available prices

If you can't find your item, you'll be able to select just the brand and the item type.
Let's go
All right, so if my item turns out to be fake... what then?
Then, assuming you've paid via PayPal or a Credit Card, we will be able to help you get your money back with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

We also guarantee this outcome!
Learn more

How long will the authentication service take?

The set timeframe for an answer on our authentication service is 48h. However, most of the time our answer will be with you faster than that. Sometimes we may take up to 48h simply because every authentication is a serious matter to us.

How many items can I authenticate if I purchase the service once?

One purchase is valid for the authentication of one item. If you need more than one item authenticated, rest assured — our team is happy to help you with as many items as you need. Simply use the "Add another item" box in the on the order page.
Let's authenticate

What payment methods have you got? What currencies?

We accept all credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery etc. We can't accept PayPal, crypto, bank transfers or any other form of payment.

All our prices are in USD for the moment!

Is there a free alternative to the authentication service?

We understand the authentication service is not everyone's preferred option when it comes to authenticating an item. For this specific reason, we're building the Legit Check By Ch Library, the free alternative to our service. Over there, you will see the very documents we use to authenticate items for our customers. Visit the library to explore the detailed comparisons on how to spot fake and authentic items — all free.

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Either email us at [email protected] or use the live chat buble in the lower right corner of the page!