Our mission is clear: building the infrastructure for safely buying luxury items.
From tasteful buyers and collectors to boutiques and retailers, Legit Check By Ch is enabling people to buy and wear luxury items confidently.
At the moment, we’ve built 5 main pillars of our infrastructure
The Legit Check By Ch Library
We are the only company that puts its skin in the game. Our research that backs the service we’re selling is public, exposed and shareable. No more “trust us, we know”. Read our free guides on how to authenticate various items.
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The Legit Check By Ch White Glove Service
The White Glove Service came from public demand. As we’ve put our lab coats on and became scientist when we were building the library, our audience asked for this. We’ve listened — and delivered.
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The Legit Check By Ch Price Comparison App
Don't waste time looking for the best price. We've done that for you. Just pick an item and see the best prices for yourself — all of them, side by side. Why go through all the hassle of opening so many tabs?
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The Legit Check App By Ch
Our app is our library’s extension that serves as a navigator. Sometimes all you want is a brief, bite-sized set of information. The App is meant to be a perfectly-organised way of reaching the answer for the question: fake or real?
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The Legit Check By Ch Organizer
Resellers don't have to pay % of their profits to online marketplaces. Independent reselling still exists. Within the Organizer, our brand new software tool, a network of serious resellers is created. More profits with no % fees.
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Who are we developing these solutions for?
As the responsibility and the stakes are high, always being in tune with our audiences is a top priority. We're doing our best to develop solutions rooted in the culture. Which kinds of culture?
Luxury Lovers
As hype and luxury start to interweave, we fine-tune our efforts to adapt to this. Whether our readers are passionate about lavish Goyard items or extravagant Louis Vuitton x Supreme, we're here to help.
For Hype Enthusiasts
Trends come and go. Relationships last. Our aim is to build relationships with those who like what might be on a wave today, but could be obsolete tomorrow.
For Sneakerheads
Regardless of whether someone is a collector or a casual buyer, we’re catering to the needs of those who have a passion for sneakers.
Industry-leading resources
Every library entry is attributed to a specific item, detailing all the flaws one would need to authenticate an item.
We’re grateful to those who give us their attention, thus we’re devoted to building a community by engaging, listening and answering.
Mission-driven company
Our aim is to provide the people with a safe buying and selling environment through which only authentic items are exchanged.
Have something to say?
Reach out to us. We’re always open to suggestions, requests, criticism, proposals, recommendations or simply a kind “Hello”.
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