Luxury Authentication Service
Find your peace of mind about your luxury items with our Authentication Service
Through our Luxury Authentication Service, we’ll take care of everything: you’ll either find peace of mind or we’ll help you get your money back.
Authenticate Your Luxury Items
What luxury brand do you need to authenticate?
Here’s how the Luxury Authentication Service process works
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Prada, Hermes, Dior, Rimowa or Moncler authentications - we’ve got them all. Simply send us images, along with some information on the purchase and your job is done. We’ll take it from there.
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A luxury authenticator will assess your jacket, t-shirt, shoes etc.
One of our authenticators will take care of your order from now. He or she will carefully inspect elements of your luxury item, judging whether it’s authentic or not.
The verdict will be sent to you
After up to 48 hours, someone will get back to you you through email to declare your luxury item’s authenticity status. If you’ve purchased a certificate, the virtual document will be sent to you.
Certificate of Authenticity
We’ll go the extra mile if we have to
From this moment forward, you’ll either start wearing your item without stressing about its authenticity or we will do our best to help you get a refund for your purchase.
Seamless service for our luxury enthusiasts
We’ve designed the luxury Legit Check system so that it’s as seamless and effortless on your end as possible. You give us a few details — we’ll do the heavy lifting.
Rigorous authentications
Legit Check is leading the luxury authentications sector. Not only do we have the most exhaustive fake vs real guides library, but we’re also treating this as seriously as possible.
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Get public proof you can point at
All our decisions are backed by our library. Every user of our community has now got a free, 24/7-available source of information that can be checked. We’re the only company that has skin in the game, by providing a free library of fake vs real luxury items comparisons.
If we have to bring bad news, our Certificate of Authenticity will help you get a refund
Bought fakes through PayPal? Been scammed on eBay, Grailed, Depop, or any other marketplace? This is for you.
Allows you to get a refund if you’ve been scammed
100% guaranteed
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