We take anti-forgery seriously
Since the value of the items we’re authenticating are tightly tied to the documents we’re issuing, measures were taken towards making our process bulletproof
How anti-forgery is built into our processes
Documents that are bulletproof against copycats
Since a physical document can be copied, falsified, redesigned, forged or reproduced, we’ve opted for the ultimate impenetrable solution — issuing the documents virtually.
Centralised control on our domain
All our authentication letters are stored on our domain and never printed exclusively physically. This way, a certificate’s validity can be confirmed only if its document can be found on https://legitcheck.app
Built-in corroborating evidence
Our documents will always have the bearer’s name, email address and the date of issuance tied to it. Alongside, pictures of the item that was authenticated are attached to every letter, so as to have details of corroboration.
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