How to spot fake 380

Learn how you can tell the difference between real and fake Yeezy 380. Detailed comparisons between 380s with images showing you what an original pair has to look like: Alien, Mist, Onyx, and more!

3 quickest ways to spot fake 380

1. Lacing


  • On the right shoe, the right lace goes under the left lace.
  • On the left shoe, the left lace goes under the right lace.


  • In the image provided above, it’s a left shoe with the left lace over the right one. For that shoe to have the authentic lacing pattern, the left lace should’ve gone below the right one.

3. Shape


  • The toe box on the authentic item is higher and further away from the ground.


  • In contrast, on the fake item, the toe box is closer to the ground.

3. Midsole


  • The authentic item has a smooth midsole.


  • On the fake item, you may notice glue stains at the top and an extra pattern at the bottom of the midsole.

380 fake vs real guides for individual items

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