How to spot fake Alexander McQueen

Here’s how to authenticate Alexander McQueen clothing, bags, and sneakers. Verify your Alexander McQueen’s authenticity with out detailed tutorials!

3 quickest ways to spot fake Alexander McQueen

1. Back


  • Consistent Font Weight: Text maintains proper thickness.
  • Close Letter Spacing: Letters, particularly in the “Alexander” inscription, are closely spaced.


  • Varied Font Weight: Text is often too thin or too thick, especially in the “Alexander” and “McQUEEN” inscriptions.
  • Incorrect Letter Spacing: The incorrect font weight leads to more space between letters on the fake pair.

2. Stitching


  • Stitching Density: Exhibits dense and robust long stitching.
  • Corner Stitching: Double-stitching in corners is straight and uniform.


  • Thin Line: Long stitching line is thinner and less dense.
  • Crooked Corner Stitching: Double-stitching in corners is irregular and slanted

3. Tongue


  • Thicker Inscriptions: “Alexander McQueen” text on the shoe tongue is noticeably thicker.


  • Thinner Inscriptions: Text on the shoe tongue appears too thin, indicating lower quality.

Alexander McQueen fake vs real guides for individual items

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