How to spot fake Balmain

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Balmain

1. Neck Tag

Authentic T-Shirt:

  • Hang tag’s text is of the correct thickness.
  • Text inside the rectangle uses the proper font.
  • Letters in “BALMAIN” text are properly spaced, with no excessive gaps.
  • Text inside the rectangle is thinner, consistent with the brand’s standard.

Fake T-Shirt:

  • Hang tag’s text is too thin.
  • Uses a different font inside the rectangle than the authentic item.
  • “BALMAIN” text has improper spacing, particularly the letter “B” being too far from the other letters.
  • Text inside the rectangle is too thick compared to the authentic piece.

2. Print

Authentic Balmain Logo Tee:

  • “BALMAIN” text has appropriate spacing between all letters, including between “A” and “L”.
  • The letter “N” is correctly sized and proportioned.
  • “PARIS” text uses the correct font and thickness.

Fake Balmain T-Shirt:

  • “BALMAIN” text has improper spacing, with “A” and “L” too close to each other.
  • The letter “N” is too big and thick.
  • “PARIS” text uses a different font and is too thick.

3. Wash Tag

Authentic Balmain Logo T-Shirts:

  • Wash tags feature specific, consistent inscriptions.
  • Text on wash tags is clear, without scratches or imperfections.

Fake Balmain Logo T-Shirts:

  • Wash tags have different inscriptions compared to authentic ones.
  • Text is often scratched, a clear sign of inauthenticity.
  • Presence of these discrepancies on a Balmain logo t-shirt indicates it’s a fake item.

Balmain fake vs real guides for individual items

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