How to spot fake Golden Goose

Everything about how you can authenticate Golden Goose sneakers. Legit check guidelines for all Golden Goose models, teaching you how to spot any fake sneakers.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Golden Goose

1. Stitching


  • In the case of fake Golden Goose sneakers, the stitching line on the center part of the sneakers appears excessively curvy and arched.
  • The distinctive feature is that on an authentic pair, the line of stitching exhibits a more sudden curve compared to the fake ones.
  • Essentially, the cross-stitching on the fake pair follows a slower, less abrupt curve.

2. Insole

Fake “SUPERSTAR” Text:

  • The counterfeit “SUPERSTAR” text is noticeably larger in size compared to the legitimate “SUPERSTAR” inscription.
  • On the fake version, the “SUPERSTAR” text nearly touches the edges of the black rectangle, whereas the genuine text is smaller and maintains more space between the text and the edges of the rectangle.

Size Comparison Method:

  • To accurately assess the size of the text, examine the distance between the edge of the black rectangle and the text itself.

3. Star

Fake Golden Goose Shoes:

  • The fake Golden Goose shoes exhibit lower quality in how the star was attached to the edge.
  • In comparison to the authentic ones, the fake shoes appear more frayed at the edges.
  • Unlike the counterfeit version, the authentic GGDB Star is properly stitched onto the shoes, with all edges securely stitched into the leather without coming loose.

Golden Goose fake vs real guides for individual items

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