How to spot fake Hot Wheels

Legit Check is the app to identify real and fake Hot Wheels. Read our guides on how to spot fake Hot Wheels die-cast and see if your cars are authentic or unauthorized.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Hot Wheels

1. Box


  • The Hot Wheels logo on the authentic product is spelled correctly as “Hot Wheels,” with the letter “s” at the end of the word.


  • The replica product has a misspelled logo, reading “HotWheel” without the letter “s” at the end of the word.

2. Vehicle Name


  • Authentic Hot Wheels cars have inscriptions on the packaging that provide information about the car’s brand of manufacturing, the name of the model, and the year of manufacturing. In the provided example, it mentions a “1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger.”


  • The replica Hot Wheels car lacks this important inscription, and there is no information about the car’s brand, model name, or year of manufacturing on the packaging.

3. Bottom


  • Includes multiple inscriptions on the packaging, including:
    • The Hot Wheels logo.
    • Information about the car’s manufacturer and model.
    • The country of manufacturing.
    • The year when the car was made.
    • The code of the year in which it was crafted.


  • The fake Hot Wheels toy car lacks all of these inscriptions and does not provide any of the essential information typically found on authentic Hot Wheels packaging.

Hot Wheels fake vs real guides for individual items

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