How to spot fake Marcelo Burlon

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Marcelo Burlon

1. Wash Tag

Fake Marcelo Burlon Wings Item:

  • “MARCELO BURLON” top logo is too long in height, giving a stretched appearance.
  • “MARCELO BURLON” text logo is too thin.
  • Characters in the “MARCELO BURLON” text are too close to each other.
  • “COUNTY OF MILAN” text appears too small and thin.
  • “CMAA …” text line is too thick and boxy.
  • “SIZE” text is thinner than it should be.
  • “SIZE CA” text is too boxy and thick.
  • “FABRIC” text on the wash tag is too thin.

2. Neck Tag

Fake Marcelo Burlon Item:

  • “MARCELO BURLON” and “COUNTRY OF MILAN” prints are too thin.
  • Text displays a waving effect, with some letters being smaller than they should be, noticeable in the letter “A” in “MARCELO” and “ON” in “BURLON.”
  • The circle on the “©” symbol is incomplete, contrasting with the complete character on the authentic item.


  • Inspect Wash Tag: Check your Marcelo Burlon item’s wash tag. Counterfeits often have text with uneven font-weight, resulting in characters that vary between too thick and too thin, unlike the expected uniform font-weight.
  • Examine Neck Tag: Review the neck tag on your Marcelo Burlon Wings item. Fake products typically feature text that is excessively thin and unstable, with irregularly shaped and sized letters. Additionally, look for the copyright symbol, as forgeries often lack a complete circle around this symbol.

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