How to spot fake Pokémon

Here’s how to make sure your Pokémon cards are real or fake. We have guides teaching you if a Pokémon card is official or unauthorized.

3 quickest ways to spot fake Pokémon

1. Color


  • Darker and more varied blue shades.
  • The white side of the pokeball is less shiny.
  • The “POKEMON” text is orange.


  • Improperly defined colors.
  • The blue color is too blurry, with only two shades of light blue.
  • The white side of the pokeball is overly shiny.
  • The “POKEMON” text is yellow instead of orange.

2. Border


  • Narrower and shorter borders, both at the top and bottom.


  • Slightly larger borders, especially in terms of height.

3. Air


  • Cards are tightly sealed inside the foil packaging.
  • No air inside the bags.


  • Cards are improperly sealed inside the foil packaging.
  • A lot of air inside the bags, making the foil appear flimsy.

Pokémon fake vs real guides for individual items

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