How to spot fake Salvatore Ferragamo

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Salvatore Ferragamo

1. Exterior


  • The “Ferragamo” inscription is stamped with adequate depth on the authentic item, resulting in thicker and larger lettering.
  • It is precisely centered within the metal rectangle.


  • On the counterfeit product, the “Ferragamo” text appears too thin and small due to shallower stamping.
  • Additionally, it is positioned off-center within the metal rectangle.

2. Interior


  • The “Ferragamo” text on the authentic item features a thin and refined font.
  • The “MADE IN ITALY” text on the authentic product is rendered in a slender, elongated font, ensuring clarity and ease of reading.


  • On the counterfeit item, the “Ferragamo” text exhibits an undesirably thick font.
  • The “MADE IN ITALY” text on the fake version displays a noticeably thick and boxy font, which may impair legibility.

3. Thickness


  • The authentic item showcases a thicker and more robust buckle, reflecting quality and substantial manufacturing.


  • In contrast, the counterfeit item has a noticeably thinner buckle, which may convey a less substantial and perhaps less premium feel.

Salvatore Ferragamo fake vs real guides for individual items

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