How to spot fake Sp5der (by Young Thug)

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Sp5der (by Young Thug)

1. Neck Tag


  • The authentic hoodie has thicker letters that are also positioned closer to each other.


  • In contrast, the fake hoodie has thinner characters with too much space between them. For example, in the word “COLD,” you can see that the fake hoodie spells it as “C O L D” with excessive spacing. This spacing issue can be observed in various spots on the fake item upon closer examination.

2. Print


  • The authentic hoodie features thin letters that do not protrude from the fabric.


  • On the fake hoodie, there are very thick, 3D-looking letters that come out of the fabric. Legitimate prints are supposed to be printed on the fabric, not protrude from it.

3. Lettering


  • The authentic item has thick letters, with the “m” being almost illegible in appearance.


  • In contrast, the fake item has very thin letters in the phrase “heres the slime.”

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