How to spot fake The North Face

Guides showing you how to know if The North Face is genuine. Spend 2 minutes reading how to spot fake jackets and other TNF items!

3 quickest ways to spot fake The North Face

1. Puffiness

Authentic Jacket:

  • Puffiness is well-defined and consistent throughout.
  • Arms of the coat are big and puffy, indicating quality insulation.

Fake Jacket:

  • Appears thick, but lacks defined puffiness.
  • Overall big in size but not genuinely puffy, especially noticeable in the arms.

3. Holographic Tag

Authentic Jacket:

  • Holographic label reflects more light and colors.
  • Colors on the label are bright, saturated, and vibrant.

Fake Jacket:

  • Holographic label reflects less light and fewer colors.
  • Colors on the label are less bright and vibrant, appearing more subdued.

3. Back Logo


  • Letters in the “THE NORTH FACE” logo have the correct thickness.
  • Adequate spacing between letters, such as between “A” and “C” in “FACE”.
  • The line inside the igloo logo is of appropriate thickness.


  • Letters in the “THE NORTH FACE” logo are noticeably thicker.
  • Letters, especially in “FACE,” are placed too close to each other.
  • The line inside the igloo logo is thicker than in the authentic version.

The North Face fake vs real guides for individual items

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