How to spot fake Valentino

Expert-made guides showing you how to tell if Valentino products are fake or real: bags, footwear, accessories, and clothes. Pick your guide and read how to authenticate Valentino!

3 quickest ways to spot fake Valentino

1. Buckle

  • Fake: The logo is too thin and shiny.
  • Authentic: Thicker “V” symbol — also less reflective of light.

2. Insole

Valentino Logo:

  • Fake: Thick “V,” thin circle.
  • Authentic: Thin “V,” thick circle.


  • Fake: Thin letters.
  • Authentic: Thick and defined letters, may appear slightly used/faded but still thicker.


  • Fake: Stretched out and thin.
  • Authentic: Boxy and thick.

3. Stitching

Toe Box Stitching:

  • Fake: The stitching appears too curved and sharply angled.
  • Authentic: The stitching is more linear and less angled.

Middle Side Stitching:

  • Fake: The stitching appears too curvy and less sharp.
  • Authentic: Stitching lines are sharper and more defined.

Waviness Below Lace Holes:

  • Fake: The area lacks the wavy texture and appears flat.
  • Authentic: There’s a wavy texture below the lace holes in the middle part of the shoe.

Left-side Stitching:

  • Fake: The stitching appears too sharp.
  • Authentic: The stitching is curvier.

Valentino fake vs real guides for individual items

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