How to spot fake Versace

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Versace

1. Size Tag

Authentic Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers:

  • The “42” text on the size tag uses a specific font that is thinner and correctly proportioned.
  • The “MADE IN ITALY” print also uses a font that is consistent with the brand’s standard, both in thickness and style.

Counterfeit Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers:

  • The “42” text is noticeably thicker due to the use of a completely different font from the authentic size tag’s text.
  • The “MADE IN ITALY” print employs a different and much thicker font compared to the original, deviating from the authentic style.

2. Toe Box

Authentic Versace Sneakers:

  • The toe box has a balanced and appropriately shaped design.
  • The curvature and arch of the toe box are consistent with Versace’s design standards.

Fake Versace Sneakers:

  • The toe box often appears either over-inflated or deflated. In this case, it looks small and deflated.
  • Notably, the toe box is curvier and more arched than on the authentic sneakers, as indicated by the emoji-pointer placed on its bottom side.

3. Shape

Authentic Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers:

  • The shape in the middle side of the sneakers is proportionate and balanced.
  • From the rear angle, the sneakers have a thinner and sleeker profile.

Fake Versace Sneakers:

  • The overall shape in the middle side of the sneakers is too big or massive.
  • The shape from the rear angle looks bulkier and ‘fatter’ compared to the authentic sneakers.

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