How to spot fake Vetements

Guidelines showing you how to spot fake Vetements products. Spend 2 minutes reading how to stay safe when buying Vetements items!

3 quickest ways to spot fake Vetements

1. Wash Tag

Authentic: The Vetements STAFF T-Shirt has clear and properly weighted text on its wash tag.

Fake: The replica’s wash tag text is noticeably thicker and bolder.

2. Back Logo


“E” & “T” Spacing: The fake tee has a noticeable gap between the letters “E” and “T”. The authentic tee, however, has them closer together.

First “T”: The bottom of the “T” on the fake is more curvy than on the authentic tee.

“E”: The bottom leg of the letter “E” on the fake is too thin compared to the authentic.

“M”: The fake’s “M” is noticeably thinner than its authentic counterpart.

“N”: The bottom of the “N” on the fake tee is too thin.

Second “T”: The fake’s letter “T” is too thin and curvy compared to the authentic tee’s “T”.

3. Reflectiveness

Authentic: The genuine Vetements STAFF Tee has a bright and superior 3M Reflectiveness.

Fake: The fake tee’s reflectiveness appears dull and of lower quality.

Vetements fake vs real guides for individual items

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