How to spot fake IWC

Learn how to authenticate any IWC watch model with our free guidelines. Expert-made authentication guides that help you avoid fake IWC watches.

3 quickest ways to spot fake IWC

1. Dial

Genuine IWC Portuguese Watch:

  • 3 ticks between the seconds’ markers, representing the mechanism’s 3 ticks per second.
  • High-quality blue color on the chronograph’s sub-dial.
  • The marker for 6 o’clock has an oval shape.

Replica IWC Watch:

  • 4 ticks between the seconds’ markers, not matching the genuine mechanism.
  • Lower-quality blue color on the chronograph’s sub-dial.
  • The marker for 6 o’clock is a perfect circle, unlike the authentic oval shape.

2. Sub-Dials

Genuine IWC Watch:

  • Consistent shades of red on the small second’s hand in the sub-dial at 9 o’clock.
  • The sub-dials are positioned close to the side pushers and are mechanically linked to them.

Replica IWC Watch:

  • Inconsistent shades of red on the small second’s hand.
  • Sub-dials are placed too far from the side pushers and may not be mechanically linked.

3. Day & Date

Genuine IWC Watch:

  • The font and thickness of the watch details match reference pictures on the official IWC website or from trusted dealers.

Replica IWC Watch:

  • The font may appear thinner or inconsistent compared to genuine IWC watches.

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