How to spot fake Tudor

Guides showing you how to tell the difference between a fake Tudor and a real Tudor watch. Learn how to authenticate your Tudor watch with our expert-made tutorials!

3 quickest ways to spot fake Tudor

1. Dial

Authentic Tudor Watch:

  • The “TUDOR” and “GENEVE” inscriptions are of the correct thickness, with well-proportioned letters.
  • The text, including the word “CHRONOMETER,” is finely printed with appropriate line width and spacing.

Fake Tudor Watch:

  • The “TUDOR” and “GENEVE” inscriptions are too thick, with letters appearing bulky and oversized.
  • All three lines of text, especially noticeable in the word “CHRONOMETER,” are too thick.
  • The word “CHRONOMETER” has lines that are too tiny and narrow.

2. Hands

Authentic Watch:

  • Exhibits high manufacturing quality and consistency in finish.

Fake Watch:

  • Shows a lower quality and inconsistent finish.
  • Hands of the watch (hours, minutes, and seconds) are inconsistent and vary in appearance even among themselves.

3. Bezel

Authentic Tudor Watch:

  • Blue and red colors on the bezel are appropriately concentrated and vivid.
  • Prints, including numbers and dots, are of the correct thickness.
  • The printed number “6” on the bezel and the color mix in that area are consistent and well-defined.

Fake Tudor Watch:

  • Both blue and red colors on the bezel are too light and not concentrated enough.
  • Prints, such as numbers and dots, appear too thick.
  • Differences can be noted in the printed number “6” on the bezel and the way the bezel’s colors mix in that area.

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