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The most relevant way to spot fake Lost And Found Air Jordan 1s is to look at the interior tongue label. Fake pairs always have their text too thin and wavy, and the real ones never differ one from the other.

The Lost And Found Jordan 1s are what people also call the reimagined Chicago Jordan 1s – they’re basically the Chicagos of 2022.

Without any further ado, let’s quickly get you to the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found!

real vs fake nike air jordan 1
This image portrays an infographic guide that applies to 90% of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High colourways. Continue reading for a fully detailed guide!

How to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found

Step 1: Check the interior tongue label

If you look on the upper interior side of your Lost And Founds, you’ll find a label with a lot of text on it. That’s the label that we’re going to focus on right now.

We call this label ‘the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text’ – this is the #1 way to spot a fake pair of Lost And Found 1s.

Fake Vs Real Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Tongue Label

This image with the fake vs real Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found pairs points out three main flaws. Though, if you compare other inscriptions on pairs, you’ll notice the same three flaws on multiple other spots.

Let’s begin from the top, where you can see that the fake Jordan 1s have their “SWOOSH” text too stretched, as it is too tall, so to speak. It’s also too thick.

Moving to the real pair, you can notice how the same “SWOOSH” inscription is smaller & boxier, and also thinner than the fake pair’s text.

In the middle of the red label, you’ll notice the “SWOOSH ®” text – it’s the only text in that line. That text is too narrow on the fake pair, while the real pair’s text is wider.

Lastly, the “MADE IN CHINA” and the “FABRIQUE EN CHINE” prints on the fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found are too thin.

If you look at the authentic pair, you can see how the same two lines of text appear to be thicker than the fake ones.

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Step 2: Quickly check the size tags inside the shoes

The next step on how to pot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found is also related to the interior side of the shoes. This time, we have to talk about a white piece of fabric called ‘the size tag’.

As the name may suggest, this label gives you information about the size of your shoes. Aside from that, it also tells you a few manufacturing details about your Lost & Founts.

Fake Vs Real Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Size Tag

Starting with the top-right corner of the size tag, this image shows you how the fake text has its “DZ5485-612” text looking too thin. Notice the best on the fake number “8”.

Looking at the real Lost And Founds, you can notice how the same inscription is thicker and generally more solid than the fake.

Did you know?

The DZ5485-612 print represents the style-code for the Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found. It’s a unique number for this model.

The second flaw on the fake pair is related to the tiny “BR” inscription, which stands for the Brazilian shoe sizing of these shoes.

Therefore, the fake pair’s “BR” text is too small and also too thin. On the other hand, the legit Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found has its “BR” print bigger and thicker than the fake.

Step 3: Verify the hourglass shape on your Air Jordan 1s

Let’s hop out of the shoes and look at them from the rear side.

This step on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found will have s talking about a specific shape that these shoes must have when looked at from the back.

Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Hourglass Shape Real Vs Fake

Before we explain this, can you notice the difference on the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found?

In this image, you can notice how the authentic pair looks like an hourglass. That’s the shape that all of the authentic pairs must have.

If you look closely, you can notice how the authentic pair has a wider opening at the bottom and at the top, and how it narrows down in the middle, which makes it look like an hourglass.

As for the fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Founds, you can see how the shape is more “tubular” – the pair is almost straight from top to bottom, without any narrowing.

Step 4: Closely look at the distressing on your pair

One really special detail at the Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found which separates them from the Chicago Jordan 1s is the distressing.

The Lost & Found 1s are supposed to look older and already aged from the authentic Nike factory.

How To Tell Fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found

You can see the distressing all around the authentic pair, especially on the black leather parts.

While you can also notice this effect on the fake pair, the issue with 99% of the fake Lost And Found Jordan 1s is that their lather doesn’t have the distressing as accentuated as the real shoes.

In fact, if you look closely to the real Lost And Found Air Jordan 1s, you can see how there are multiple, smaller white dots which imitate the distressing effect.

The fake pair has a few of these too, but the pattern is bigger than the real pair’s. Hence, the fake LAF Air Jordan 1 pair looks like it has less distressing than the real pair.

The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways to authenticate this item.

The next few steps are still reliable signs of authenticity but are for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. We recommend sticking to the steps we’ve explained above to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions.

A trademark seen on pretty much every Air Jordan 1 Retro High pair is the classic Air Jordan logo. This is the old, pre-Jumpman era logo.

For this step on how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found, we’re going to look at how this logo appears on the real and fake pairs.

Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Logo Real Vs Fake

This image points out how the fake Air Jordan 1s have the wings in the logo placed too close to each other.

Another flaw here is that the fake wings are too thick, and they come out of the shoes more than they should.

Looking at the genuine Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found, you can observe how the wings are exactly the opposite from the fake pair. The real wings have more space in-between each other, and they’re also thinner than the fake wings.

Step 6: Compare the perforations on the toe box

Flipping the shoes to a top-down view angle, we now have to talk about another notorious detail for the Air Jordan 1s.

Hence, the sixth step of the tutorial on how to spot fake Lost And Found Air Jordan 1s will have us looking at the perforations on white leather part of these shoes.

Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Toe Box Real Vs Fake

The image with the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found sneakers from above is showing you how the fake pair has larger holes on the toe box.

The authentic holes are supposed to be smaller and narrower than the fake ones. See in this picture how the real pair checks this test perfectly.

Step 7: Profile comparison – real vs fake AJ1 Lost And Found

Let’s flip the shoes to their profile sides and have a chat about how high the toe box should be on the real pairs, and how it almost always looks like on the replica pairs.

First things first, let’s look at the image showing us how to spot fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found by looking at the toe box.

How To Spot Fake Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found

This picture shows you how the fake pair’s toe box is too small, and how the real one is higher.

By that, we mean that the fake pair’s white and red parts on the toe box are lower and shorter than the real ones. In fact, the authentic ones are higher and bigger.

Step 8: Look at the Lost & Found receipt (packaging)

This step is related to the packaging of the Lost & Found Air Jordan 1s, and it’s about the little receipt that comes into the box. It’s more of a ccollectable item.

Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found Authentic Receipt

This image with the authentic Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found pair shows you how the authentic receipt should look like.

Keep in mind that, in the worst case scenario, fake shoes can also come with a swapped authentic receipt. That’s why we recommend that you don’t rely on this step.

How to tell if my Air Jordan 1 Lost And Found are fake?

So, should you be too busy to go through the very detailed comparison of real vs Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found, then just briefly here is a recap of our legit check guide.

In other words, we have exclusively summarized the top 4 ways to tell which is authentic from which is a fake version of this that shoe type.

However, we must say; our picture comparison is one to help you tremendously, as each of the flaws has been extensively illustrated.

Though, find just below, the 4 best steps to know the real vs fake Lost & Found AJ1, in only 60 seconds:

  1. Check the interior tongue label of the shoes;
  2. Verify the size tag inside the shoes;
  3. Closely look at the hourglass shape from the back;
  4. Analyze the distressing level on your shoes.

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