Jordan 11 Gratitude: Expert Real Vs Fake Guide (2024)

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Ch David
Jordan 11 Gratitude
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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Ch David

Over here, we’ll show you:

Let’s roll.

How to spot fake Jordan 11 Gratitude

Experts always suggest checking the size tag first. If you see scratched paint or thin prints, you’re definitely looking at fake Gratitude 11s.

Below is our detailed breakdown of all the best ways to tell fakes.

1. Size tag

Jordan 11 Gratitude Size Tag
  • Authentic:
    1. “cm” and “UPC” are thinner.
    2. The “MADE IN CHINA” text is perfectly filled with paint — it’s also thicker.
  • Fake:
    1. “cm” and “UPC” are too thick.
    2. “MADE IN CHINA” is scratched and too thin.
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2. Laces

Jordan 11 Gratitude Laces
  • Authentic: Silver Jumpman.
  • Fake: Golden Jumpman — the wrong color.

All authentic logos must be silver below the laces.

3. Back

Jordan 11 Gratitude Back
  • Authentic:
    1. The “23” print is fully visible — painted in white.
    2. No extra threads as every stitch is in its place.
  • Fake:
    1. The “23” logo is less visible. Also gold, which is the wrong color.
    2. An extra thread shows in the middle of the black patch.

4. Jumpman

Jordan 11 Gratitude Logo
  • Authentic: Shiny and reflecting all the light landing on top of it.
  • Fake: Doesn’t shine powerful enough.

5. Box

Jordan 11 Gratitude Box
  • Authentic: Thinner style code print – CT8012 1270.
  • Fake: Style code is too thick.

Shortlist: Your takeaway guide

Here’s a brief summary of how to differentiate between real and fake Gratitude 11s:

  1. Size Tag: Authentic tags have thinner “cm” and “UPC” text and thicker, well-filled “MADE IN CHINA” text. Fakes have thicker “cm” and “UPC” and scratched, thin “MADE IN CHINA” text.
  2. Laces: Authentic items feature a silver Jumpman logo, while fakes have a golden Jumpman, which is incorrect.
  3. Back: On authentic items, the “23” print is white, fully visible, and neatly stitched with no extra threads. Fakes have a less visible, gold “23” logo and may have extra threads.
  4. Jumpman Logo: The authentic Jumpman is shiny and reflective, whereas the fake one lacks sufficient shine.
  5. Box: Authentic boxes have a thinner style code print (e.g., CT8012 1270), while fakes feature a too-thick style code print.

Expert Jordan 11 Gratitude Authentication

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