How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Triple S (2023)

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Balenciaga Triple S Legit Check Guide
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Last Updated on July 18, 2023 by Ch David

To put it all shortly, the most reliable way to spot fake Balenciaga Triple S is to look at the “BALENCIAGA” text logo on the side of the sneakers.

Looking to learn how to spot fake Balenciaga Triple S? Afraid of scammers? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve completed the best checklist for you to tell fake vs real Balenciaga Triple S.

This guide applies to all Balenciaga Triple S colourways.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, let’s get you to know even more by jumping into the Balenciaga Triple S General Authentication Guide.

How you can tell if Balenciaga Triple S are fake

You can tell if Balenciaga Triple S are fake if the numbers in front are too thick. Also, if one number is placed higher than the other, that pair is 100% fake. Authentic pairs are always flawless and stand out from fakes.

Another quick way to tell fake vs real Triple S sneakers is to analyse either the insole print of the logo or the size text found on the toe box of the shoe.

However, all these things are easier to understand with visual comparisons — which we’ve attached in this real vs fake Balenciaga Triple S guide.

1. Side logo

Since Balenciaga changed the font on their sneakers, we’ll dive into a comparison of both the new and the old Balenciaga logos.

1.1. New font – made in China

From 2018 onwards, Balenciaga Triple S started to be manufactured in China. Hence, they use a new font for the main “BALENCIAGA” logo.

fake vs real balenciaga triple s guide
  • Fake pairs come with the “B” thicker than it has to be.
  • The rest of the letters are too big. Most visible by looking at the “G” and the second “A”.

1.2. Old font – made in Italy

Let’s see what older pairs of Balenciaga Triple S look like. These are the pairs made in Italy.

1.2.1. First comparison
how can i spot fake balenciaga triple s?
  • The embroidery is flawed because the letters are connected to each other on the fake pair.
  • An authentic pair shouldn’t have its letters connected.
1.2.2. Second comparison

Let’s see another example of the real vs fake Balenciaga Triple S Made in China version:

balenciaga triple s authentication guide
  • The replica “B” character is too thick.
  • The two letters “A” are higher than the rest of the characters.
  • The “N” is also very thick on the fake pair.
1.1.3. Third comparison
balenciaga triple s authenticity check guide
  • The fake embroidery is flawed because of the “A”, “L” and the “E” characters.
  • The fake Triple S has these three characters looking unfinished, while the authentic pair has this text perfect.

2. Size text

The inscribed size text from the toe box usually has a thinner font on the fake Triple S pairs.

how to tell fake balenciaga triple s
  • The fake pair’s text is too thin.
  • The fake text uses a different font from the authentic pair.
  • The fake text isn’t centred in the middle of the black leather panel.

Never on an authentic Balenciaga Triple S pair should it be touching any of the top or bottom lines of the leather panel.

The best thing to do is to go find a legit pair of the specific size of the shoe you’re authenticating and compare them side by side if you’re not sure whether the font on your pair is okay.

What are the numbers on the front of Balenciaga Triple S?

The numbers on the front of Balenciaga Triple S are the size of the shoes. The numbers are expressed in European sizing (e.g. EU45 is the same as US12 or UK11), hence why there’s always a big number.

3. Heel logo

how to authenticate balenciaga triple s
  • The placement of the “BALENCIAGA” text on the heel of the last sole is sometimes too low or too high.
  • The width and the height of the text are different on the fakes.
  • It does vary on authentic pairs but it should be always centred – never as high as the fake text above.

Fake Triple S pairs have the wrong “BALENCIAGA” font and style compared to the retail Triple S.

4. Insole

how to spot real vs fake balenciaga triple s
  • The fake sneakers have their “BALENCIAGA” text looking too thick.
  • There is too much space between some of the letters (e.g. “B” and “A” or “N” and “C”)

On the other hand, the authentic Balenciagas have their text looking thinner and with the same amount of space between each letter.

Note: The real pair above has the first”A” smaller due to wear and usage of the insoles.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Tongue

balenciaga triple s authentication guide
  • The text on the tongue is visibly bolder on the fakes.
  • The fake pair’s text is not coming out as much as it does on the retail version.

So if your pair’s text is less embossed, then this is a sign of a fake Balenciaga Triple S pair.

6. Heel fabric

fake balenciaga tripl es
  • This part of the fake Triple S sneakers is less defined than the authentic ones.

The colour of this part of the sole will change depending on your colourway on the fake Balenciaga Triple S pairs.

7. Stitching

7.1. Toe box

Balenciaga Triple S Stitching
  • The line between stitching lines is visibly bigger on the fake Balenciaga Triple S.
  • This is the most noticeable in the two spots that we have identified above.

7.2. Profile side

Let’s see the Balenciaga Triple S stitching from the middle side, where the stitching from the front part of the shoes continues.

how to legit check balenciaga triple s
  • The fake Balenciaga Triple S pair has these lines bigger than the retail pair.

Keep in mind that the Balenciaga Triple S is a “complex” shoe that requires more effort than a normal shoe, and you may need to pay more attention to detail when checking the fake vs real Triple S pairs.

8. Front block

The colour of the yellow block will vary depending on your colourway, but the same thing applies to all of the colourways.

Let’s see the real vs fake Balenciaga Triple S reference pictures:

balenciaga triple s legit check guide
  • The squares on this block are engraved on the fake pair rather than embossed.
  • They going deep instead of “coming out”, like in the retail.

Check the zoomed-in picture below for a better understanding.

how to spot fake balenciaga triple s

Above is also the zoomed-in picture for you to have a closer look at the real vs fake Balenciaga Triple S sneakers front block.

9. Size tag

fake vs real balenciaga triple s
  • The fake “TRIPLE S WOMEN/MEN” text is too thick.
  • The same inscription It should be first of all, smaller, and, second of all, centred in the middle of the tag.
  • If you look at the distance between the upper “TRIPLE S MEN/WOMEN” and the bottom “UK EUR USA JP” texts, there is a black line dividing these.
    • Counterfeit Balenciaga Triple S sneakers seem to miss the spacing between both the texts.
    • As a result, they’re really close to each other.
    • There has to be a tiny little distance beneath and above the line.

10. Sole

real vs fake balenciaga triple s
  • The replica Triple S sneakers seem to miss the arching of the letters.
  • The fake is missing the arching on the “A” letter.
  • Then, the fake “E” and the “N” characters are at a different angles on the fake pair’s sole.
  • The last “A” is this time actually too arched on the replica Balenciaga Triple S.
  • Last but not least, fake “B” is thicker and a little bit more arched than it is supposed to be.

11. Box

Balenciaga Triple S Box Fake vs Real
  • The fake box is damaged. Never on a new pair of Triple S!
  • The fake box is larger in width and smaller in height.

Shortlist: Authenticate Balenciaga Triple S in 30 seconds

  1. Check the side “BALENCIAGA” logo. Fakes always had the letters too thick.
  2. Look at the “triple s” tongue tag for any inconsistencies. Most of the time, the fake Balenciaga sneakers’ tongue text will look a lot thicker than it has to be.
  3. Analyze the heel text for any text flaws such as thicker elements. Most of the time, the text on the heel doesn’t have the right placement and dimensions on the fake Balenciagas.
  4. Examine the insole of your Balenciaga Triple S. The fake sneakers are most common to have their letters looking too thick and improperly spaced between (mostly they have too much space between the letters).
  5. Check the heel details for any wrong patterns. The pattern of the heel is never right on the fake sneakers because the replica manufacturers use a different pattern every time they produce their sneakers, while the authentic Triple S heel pattern is always the same.
  6. Inspect the size text on the toe box. Fake Triple S pairs always have the numbers too big and high.
  7. Verify the stitching on the Balenciaga Triple S. Usually, the fake Balenciaga sneakers’ stitching all around the sneakers is thicker and bigger than it has to be.
  8. Look at the front block for any wrong patterns. It is a common thing for fake sneakers to have their front block’s pattern look different every time. This is the same flaw as from the heel details.
  9. Check the size tag for any bad elements. Most of the time, the fake Balenciaga sneakers have their size tag’s printing looking either too thick or too thin and improperly placed.
  10. Verify the “BALENCIAGA” sole. The fake Balenciaga Triple S pairs always have the letters looking too arched or too big.
  11. Inspect the size of the box. Mostly, the fake Triple S sneakers have their box looking larger than it has to be.

You will not always have the time or patience to go through each detailed authentication step when you need to verify the authenticity status of your Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60-second solution to authenticating your sneakers.

Expert Balenciaga Triple S authentication service

It’s one of the services we offer. We’re putting out all these guides which will be free forever, but if for some reason you still have doubts, we’re happy to have a look for you.

This brings us to the end of our Balenciaga Triple S authentication guide. Make sure you download our app on Android and iOS to be up to date with our legit check guides!

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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