How To Spot Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer (2024)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

The best way to spot a fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer is to look at the logo on the side. Fake Speed Trainers always have their text misplaced and also too thin or too thick. That’s something never to be seen on authentic shoes!

We know that learning how to spot the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer becomes harder and harder as the fakes get better.

That is exactly why we’ve made this complete legit check guide on how to check the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer from the real pair.

This guide works for any Balenciaga Speed Trainer colourway.

How you can tell fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers

You can tell fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers by looking at the “BALENCIAGA” side logo. Fake pairs always have thicker or very thin inscriptions, while real ones always look the same.

Let’s check it out!

1. Side logo

1.1. The new font

Since Balenciaga changed the font on their sneakers, here’s a comparison with the newest font they use.

  • Fake Speed Trainers have a thinner logo compared to the real ones.
  • Besides, the replica “BALENCIAGA” text looks like it is too curved and arched too much.

The real logo is thicker compared to the fake pair.

1.2. The old font

1.2.1. Best-quality replica comparison

  • The text on the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer is not straight, sinking towards the letter “C”.
  • Overall the text on the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer has different font and spacing, especially the highlighted letters.
  • The fake Speed Trainer has the text a tiny bit smaller than the legit one, but this may be harder to spot.
1.2.2. Mid-quality replica comparison
  • The text may be too thick on some fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs, and also, the spacing is, again, too dense on the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer pair.

1.2.3. Low-quality replica comparison

  • Some replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer has the letters “C” and G” bigger than the real Speed Trainer pairs.
  • This is not going to happen on an authentic Balenciaga Speed Trainer pair.

Finding it too hard? Legit Check your Balenciagas with us:

2. Heel bump

2.1. First comparison

  • The counterfeit Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs are missing the heel bump due to having a weaker structure.
  • As you can see, the retail Balenciaga Speed Trainer pair is a bit curvy above the midsole, on the rear side, and at the heel.

2.2. Second comparison

  • The fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer isn’t as curved as the legit one.
  • The counterfeit Speed Trainer is less curved and this is an important factor in our real vs fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer comparison.

3. Heel logo

Again, we are about to start with the newest font used by Balenciaga for the “BALENCIAGA” heel logo.

3.1. The new font

  • The fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer heel “BALENCIAGA” text seems to be less fit deep into the sneakers.
  • This makes the fake logo look thicker than the real one.

Noticeably, the real pair’s text is thinner.

3.2. The old font

3.2.1 Best-quality replica comparison

  • On the fake Speed Trainer, the logo isn’t engraved deeply enough.
  • It also has too much spacing between the letters and has these small marks.

3.2.2. Mid-quality replica comparison

  • On another pair of fakes, what I’ve noticed is that spacing is still an issue and if you look at letters like “B” or “G” you’ll see that the font is different as well – on the replicas, “B” isn’t wide enough, “G” is too slim.

3.2.3. Low-quality replica comparison

  • A lot of fakes don’t have this text centred.
  • Ideally, the stitching’s extension should touch the logo somewhere between “N” and “C” – highlighted below.
  • The middle stitching on the replica pair of the Balenciaga Speed Trainer isn’t coming to the middle of the “BALENCIAGA” text.
  • Again, ideally, it is for the stitching to touch the logo between “N” and “C” or close by.

4. Structure

Because the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs use thinner materials, they have a weaker structure with a looser build.

We drew the outline of the sneakers with yellow lines so that it will be easier for you to notice the differences.

  • Above, we’ve linked the picture without the line.
  • As said previously, the replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer structure/shape is different since it is less curved and detailed.

Let’s also see the pictures with the lines that will help you see this better on the fake vs real Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs:

Also, you can see another fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer example below too:

  • The fake Speed Trainer pair is banana-shaped.
  • By that, we mean that the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer looks like a banana because the bottom and the upper parts of the rear side are too curvy and the middle part is also even more curved.

5. Insole

  • First of all, the “B”, “E” and the “G” in the word “BALENCIAGA” are different as they look too thick and big on the fake pair, while the legit Balenciaga Speed Trainer has these letters looking thinner.
  • The fake pair has the letters looking too round on their corners. This may be the most visible on the “B” character.
  • There is too much space on the text that indicates the size of the replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer Pair.
  • There is less space between “4” and “5” on the legit pair, and then, on the replica Speed Trainer pair, there is a lot more space between “4” and “3”.
  • Also, the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer has the “43” insole text that indicates the size looks too thick and big, while the legit “45” seems to be thinner.

6. Rear stitching

  • The central stitching goes deeper on the authentic Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs, and the lateral stitchings are of better quality visibility.
  • Moving to the replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer pair, you can easily notice how the stitching isn’t deep enough and the quality is worse too.

7. Sole logo

  • The “BALENCIAGA” text on the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer is thinner than on the authentic one.
  • The real pair has a thicker logo.

Shortlist: Tell fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer in 60 seconds

  1. Look at the “BALENCIAGA” text. Fakes have this text looking too thin or too thick sometimes.
  2. Scan the heel bump of your Speed Trainers. Mainly, fakes are less curved than the legit Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs.
  3. Inspect the “BALENCIAGA” heel text. Usually, the fake pairs have this text less deep into the material of the heel.
  4. Check the shape of your Balenciaga Speed Trainer. The fake pairs are not bumpy enough, as they have a weaker structure.
  5. Verify the “BALENCIAGA” text on your Speed Trainer’s insole. Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs have the text inside too thick or with too much space between the letters.
  6. Analyze the stitching on your Speed Trainer pair. The replica Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs have less deep stitching on the central rear side of the shoes.
  7. Check the “BALENCIAGA” sole text. The fake soles have this text too thin.

The seven fake vs real Balenciaga Speed Trainer steps outlined above are well-detailed and will be time-demanding to perform each authentication step when you need to confirm the originality of your Speed Trainer shoes.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60-second solution to authenticating your Balenciaga Speed Trainers.

Expert Balenciaga Speed Trainer authentication

If you need help with the authentication of your Balenciaga Speed Trainer, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Balenciaga Speed Trainer and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to spot fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer pairs. Thank you for reading our guide and stay tuned in order to see our next guides on how to legit check high-end items!

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