How To Spot Fake Dsquared2 ICON Hats

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Trying to figure out how to spot fake Dsquared2 Icon hats? Afraid of getting scammed with a fake Dsquared2 hat?

If so, then no need to worry anymore. We’ve got you covered with this ultimate authentic vs fake Dsquared2 hat legit check guide that will show you all you need to know when authenticating these hats.

One thing that we’d like to mention before we begin is that this real vs fake Dsquared2 Icon hat guide applies to every colourway of the Icon hat.

To put it shortly, the fastest way to spot fake Dsquared2 Icon hats is checking the label inside the hat that inform you how to wash the item. The replica Dsquared2 hats always have their text there at the wrong thickness and always being improperly space in-between the letters. You will always see the real Dsquared2 hats being properly detailed, with no such flaws.

How to spot fake Dsquared2 Icon hats

Step 1: Real vs fake Dsquared2 Icon hat wash tags

Let’s begin the guide on how to spot fake Dsquared2 Icon hats with the best authenticity factor: the wash tag.

As we’ve said before, the wash tag can easily tell you whether you have a real or fake DSquared2 hat, hence why we’ve ranked this tell as the first one.

dsquared2 icon hat real vs fake guide

As you can see in the image with the real vs replica Dsquared2 Icon hats above, the fake hat’s inscriptions are too big, too thin and with too much space in-between the characters.

Looking at any of the hand-emoji pointers on the real hat, you can notice how the characters on the real wash tags are smaller, thicker and placed closer to each other than the fake ones.

Step 2: Look at the interior DSQUARED2 label above the wash tag

For the second step of the guide on how to authenticate Dsquared2 Icon hats, we are going to look at the label which states the brand’s name.

As always, let’s first look at the comparison image with the fake vs legit Dsquared2 Icon hats, and right after that, we’ll explain what goes down in this image.

how to spot fake dsquared hats

If you look at the real vs fake Dsquared2 Icon hat image above, you can notice how the fake hat’s “DSQUARED2” text is too thin, and how the real hat’s text is thicker.

At the same time, the fake letters are improperly stitched into the label. In fact, if you look at the bottom right side of the letter “S”, you can see how it is a square instead of being perfectly round as the real letter which is properly stitched into the letter.

Step 3: Check the curvy DSQUARED2 text logo on the back of your hat

Moving to the third way on how to legit check Dsquared2 hats, we are going to talk about the big logo which holds the brand’s name on the rear side of the hats.

real vs fake dsquared hat

When we’re talking about the fake Dsquared2 hats which have a curvy text logo on the back, we have to keep in mind that pretty much every replica hat has its text improperly curved all around the hat.

Looking at the real vs fake Dsquared2 image above, you can see how the fake hat’s text has started good on the left side, but to the right side, the text is too far away from the curve of the hat.

On the other hand, the real hat’s text arches perfectly together with the hat, as it doesn’t fold away as the fake inscription.

dsquared hat icon real vs fake

In the image above you can see more of a precise explaining of how the fake hat’s text is curved and how it goes crooked on the right side.

Step 4: Inspect the ICON text on the front side of the Dsquared2 hat

Proceeding to the fourth method of the guide on how to spot fake Dsquared2 hats, we are going to have a look at the real vs fake Dsquared2 hats for their “ICON” text, which is the detail that stands out the most on this hat.

fake vs real dsquared hat

The picture with the real vs counterfeit Dsquared2 Icon hats above shows you how the fake item’s text is improperly stitched into the hat.

In fact, the fake hat’s text is wrongly stitched as there are many empty spots where there should be threads – you can see the hand-emoji pointers above showing you these spots.

Looking at the genuine hat, it is visible how all of the threads are perfectly attached to the hat, as there are no empty spots like the fake ones.

How can I spot fake Dsquared2 hats in 30 seconds?

The 4 detailed real vs fake Dsquared2 hat steps outlined above might not be so practical when you are in a hurry or when you want to buy the item online.

That is why we have compiled this quick 30 seconds solution to authenticating your Dsquared2 hat. Below are the top 3 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake or real Dsquared2 hat.

  1. Check the wash tag of your hat. Mostly, the fake Dsquared2 Icon hats have their text too big, too thin and with too much space in-between the letters
  2. Look at the “DSQUARED2” tag inside the hat, since most of the fake hats have their text too thin
  3. Authenticate the placement of the “DSQUARED2” text on the back of your hat. Pretty much every replica of the Dsquared2 Icon hat has its text improperly positioned and arched wrongly on the back
  4. Verify the “ICON” text on the front side of the hat. Usually, you will see the fake hats with empty spots where there should be threads inside the text

Where can I get my Dsquared2 hat authenticated? The Dsquared2 authentication service

If you need help with the authentication of your Dsquared2 hat, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Dsquared2 hat and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your item is fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to spot fake vs real Dsquared2 hats. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

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