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Fear Of God Repeat Hoodie LC GUide
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We get it, it may seem hard to verify the authenticity of an item that’s such detailed as the Fear of God All Over hoodie, but in reality, it isn’t as hard as you may think.

We would like to mention that when we say “All Over hoodie”, we mean the same “Repeat hoodie”. It’s just that there are more names for this specific Fear Of God model.

It’s actually more simple, and we are about to show you why. In this article, we are going to show you the three simple spots you have to look at when legit checking the Fear Of God All Over hoodie.

The three main things to look out for on your FOG All Over hoodie are the “fear of god” text printed on the hoodie, the neck tag, and the collection tag.

The best spot we recommend you to look at when checking the Fear of God Hoodie is the collection tag’s text.

Without any further ado…

How To Spot Fake Fear Of Good Hoodies

First of all, we’d like to mention that we think the “fear of god” print that’s all over your FOG hoodie may be the most reliable spot to look at when checking the fake vs real FOG hoodies.

Step 1: Check the text “fear of god” print

By the text print, we mean the “fear of god” text that’s all over the hoodie. This is even the reason why it is called “All Over”.

Take a look at the pictures that we’ve attached below:

how to spot a fake fear of god hoodie
Fear of God Repeat Hoodie – Text Print

The main problem with the replica FOG All Over hoodies is that the printed text is looking scratched, or if you like it better, worn out.

An authentic Fear of God hoodie will never be scratched, as it has better quality.

We recommend you ask the seller for close-up pictures of the print when buying the hoodie online, and if you buy it in person, you might want to take a closer look at the print.

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Step 2: Analyze the neck tag of your FOG hoodie

The second step of our fake vs real Fear of God All Over hoodie guide is to analyze the neck tag.

This tag can be found on the interior part of your FOG hoodie.

We’ve pointed out two main things on the replica Fear of God All Over hoodie neck tag, and they are the stitching and the font.

real vs fake fear of god hoodie
Fear Of God Repeat Hoodie – Neck Tag

As you can see in the picture above, the differences are really visible. The whole text on the replica hoodie is less defined and thinner.

Also, the same flaw from the printed text applies here too: the fake text is scratched.

If you look at the authentic FOG hoodie neck tag, you can see how the text is bolder and better in terms of quality.

Even the positioning of the text on the replica tag is wrong, as it is placed lower.

This is visible by looking at the distance from the top of the neck tag to the first line of text.

Step 3: Verify the collection tag

Before we jump into the third step of the guide, we would like to mention how the collection tag differs from one collection to another.

Take as an example of the picture that we attached below: the authentic tag is from the fourth collection, while the replica tag is from the second one.

fake vs real fear of god hoodie
Fear Of God Repeat Hoodie – Collection Tag

But how can the same flaw apply from one collection to another, you may ask? The main flaw of every replica Fear of God All Over hoodie is the stitching.

Fake manufacturers always compromise the stitching. If you look on the right side of the collection tag, you can see on the replica hoodie how the stitching is curved and it has threads that are not on the same path.

Looking at the authentic FOG All Over hoodie, the stitching perfectly fits in, without any extra threads or misalignments.

Another thing we’ve spotted on the fake FOG All Over hoodie is the “COLLECTION” text.

Again, the same flaw from the first step of our comparison guide applies, as the text is scratched and has poor quality.

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How can I spot fake Fear Of God hoodies in 60 seconds?

Here is a short list we’ve made in order to be easier for you to scan any Fear of God All Over hoodies really fast.

  1. Check the “fear of god” text print. Mainly, the replica “fear of god” print looks more scratched and worn out than the legit
  2. Look at the neck tag of your FOG hoodie. Usually, the replica FOG hoodies have the text on the neck tag looking too thin and scratched. Also, they have poor stitching around the neck tag
  3. Verify the stitching on the collection tag. The replica Fear Of God All Over hoodies have less but longer stitches than the legit item

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With all of this being said, we reached the end of our guide on how to spot fake Fear Of God All Over hoodie authentication guide.

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