How To Spot Fake Nike SB Chunky Dunky (2024)

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how to spot fake chunky dunky
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Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Ch David

If you are a fan of the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and because you like the Nike SB Dunky Low sneakers, maybe even skating, then the Nike x Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Dunky is for you!

Today, we’re teaching you how to legit check them.

How you can tell if Chunky Dunky is fake

You can tell if Chunky Dunky is fake by checking the interior side of the tongue. The fake always has misaligned letters.

1. Interior tongue label

  • On the fake pair, the “®” symbol has its letter “R” in the circle looking too big and too thick compared to the letter met on the retail Chunky Dunky shoes.
  • Then, looking at the “MADE IN VIETNAM” and the “FABRIQUE EN VIETNAM” texts, you can see how the replica Chunky Dunky sneakers have their texts improperly font-weighted.
    • That’s because some of the letters are thinner than others, and some are thicker than others.
    • On the authentic Chunky Dunkys, you can notice how all of the letters have the same font-weight.
  • Besides, the fake Chunky Dunky shoes also have their text wavily positioned.
    • Most visible in the “FABRIQUE” text in the fake example above.

The authentic Chunky Dunky shoes must have their text perfectly placed, with no imperfections.

Expert's Opinion - Let us verify your Nikes:

2. Rear details

  • The replica Dunkys have their “NIKE” text looking too boxy and too thick compared to the one met on the authentic shoes.
  • The fake Chunky Dunkys have their text on the patch looking too big compared to the text on the authentic shoes.
  • The replica Chunky Dunkys have their stitches on the clouds in the middle of the shoes looking too thick compared to the authentic sneakers’ stitching.

The authentic sneakers have more space between the “NIKE” text and the edges of the patch, while the replica Dunkys have too little distance between them, making the text look too big.

3. Swoosh shape

  • The fake Swoosh looks too thin and too narrow on the rear side.
    • We are talking about the part of the Nike Swoosh logo which goes to the back of the sneakers, where the “NIKE” text patch is.
    • Authentic Chunky Dunkys have their Swoosh looking wider and a bit thicker than the fake shoes’ Swoosh.
  • The replica Dunks have their Swoosh opening too wide and too little curvy compared to the retail Swoosh.
  • The curving problem on the replica Nike SB Chunky Dunky shoes also makes the Swoosh look too small, which is visible at the top tip.

4. Exterior tongue label

  • The fake Dunks have their “SB” text improperly font-weighted.
  • The letter “S” is too thin, and the letter “B” is too thick.
  • On the other hand, the authentic Dunks have their “SB” text font-weighted at the same level for both of the letters.
  • The fake “Chunky Dunky” text is improperly positioned, as it is waving, while the authentic sneakers have their text placed correctly, on a straight line.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

5. Insole

  • The letter “B” in the “BEN” is too thick and wide compared to the letter met on the retail sneakers.
  • The fake pair’s “NIKE SB” text looks too thin.
  • Even more, the fake sneakers have their text improperly spaced.
    • The text visible on the replica sneakers has too much space between each letter, while the authentic sneakers have the same amount of space between each letter.

6. Materials

  • The authentic sneakers have materials of a higher quality than the replica shoes.
    • The authentic shoes look like they have more real cow leather compared to the fake shoes.
  • The fake sneakers have their stitching “glued” on the sneakers, while the authentic shoes have cow-skin stitching looking it comes out of the sneakers.

7. Size tag

  • The fake Nike x Ben & Jerry’s sneakers have their “VH” text in the top-right corner of the tag looking too thick.
  • The “UPC 00194496775303”  numb is too thick, especially on the  “UPC” print.
  • The replica Chunky Dunky sneakers have their “EUR” text looking too thick when compared to the text found on the legit shoes.
  • At the same time, all of the lines which say that the shoes were made in Vietnam appear to be too thick on the fake shoes, while on the legit shoes, all of the lines of text are thinner.

8. Swoosh stitching

  • The legit shoes have the same length and thickness for all of their stitches found all around the Nike Swoosh logo.
  • Fake shoes are commonly found to have their stitching on the Swoosh looking too thin and too long.

If you’re collecting Dunks, then you should know that this flaw sometimes occurs on the Travis Scott Dunks as well. Did you add them to your collection yet?

9. Footbed

The footbed is the area between the insoles and the soles of the shoes, and you can access it by removing the insoles of your sneakers.

  • The fake shoes have their stitching on the footbed looking too dense, too thin and also too long.
  • The real pair has less dense stitching.
  • The real threads are also thicker and a bit shorter than the fake pairs’ stitching on the footbed.

10. Box label

  • The fake label has its text looking too thin.
  • All of the areas which we’ve pointed out have their text looking too thin.

Shortlist: Know how to tell fake Chunky Dunky

  1. Check the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text. The fake shoes have their text improperly font-weighted and positioned
  2. Verify the details of the shoe on the rear side. Mostly, the replica sneakers have their text looking too thick and too big compared to the ones met in the retail pairs. Also, fake commonly have their stitching looking too thick
  3. Analyze the Nike Swoosh logo. Most of the time, the fake Dunks have their Swoosh looking too thin, too small and too little curvy
  4. Authenticate the exterior tongue badge. Usually, the fake Dunks’ letters are improperly font-weighted and wavily positioned
  5. Inspect the print on the insole of your Chunky Dunky. The fake Chunky Dunky pairs usually have their text looking too thick and have too much space between the letters
  6. Examine the quality of the cow-skin materials. Mostly, the fake sneakers have materials that look less natural than the authentic shoes’ materials
  7. Check the size tag of your Chunky Dunky. Most of the time, the replica Chunky Dunky SB Dunks have their text looking too thick on the size tag
  8. Verify the stitching on the Nike Swoosh logo of your Chunky Dunky. Usually, the replica shoes have their stitching on the Nike Swoosh logo at different font weights and sizes/lengths
  9. Inspect the stitching on the footbed of your shoes. Mostly, the replica Chunky Dunky pairs have their stitching on the footbed too dense, too thick and also too long
  10. Remember to also check the box label of your Chunky Dunky, because the fake pairs’ box labels usually have their text looking too thick.

The 6 detailed steps outlined above might not be so practical when you are in a hurry or when you want to buy sneakers online.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your sneakers.

Expert Chunky Dunky authentication

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That brings us to the end of our fake vs real Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky guide. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

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