How To Spot Fake Nike LD x Sacai Waffle

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Nike Sacai Waffle Legit Check Guide
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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

If you are a big fan of Nike and you are looking to cop a new pair of sneakers, then you should check out the Nike x Sacai Waffle model. These are some simple but sweet-looking shoes.

Because of the reputation of replicas of the Nike Sacai Waffle on the market, we have created these nine steps legit check guide to help you differentiate between fake vs real Nike Sacai Waffle pairs.

How to tell fake Nike Sacai Waffle

You can spot and tell fake Nike Sacai Waffle pairs by checking the “NIKE sacai” text on the back. Fake pairs always have flawed prints when put side-by-side with the real deal.

Let’s check it out!

1. Rear logos

  • First of all, the dot on the letter “i” is too small on the fake pair.
  • Then, the word “NIKE” is too thin, but this is the most visible on the “K” character, as we’ve pointed out.

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2. Sole text

  • The Nike Sacai Waffle replica manufacturers always make this sole inscription text look too thick.
  • Besides the thickness, the pair’s fake rectangle is placed too close to the left square of the sole.

The legit shoes have more distance between the square buttons on the sole and the rectangle with the text inside.

3. Insole

  • The letter “s” in the “sacai” text, is too thin compared to the letter “s” on the legit shoes.
  • As for the positioning of the letters “K” in the “NIKE” text, and the “c” in the “sacai” text, the fake Sacai Waffles have their letter “c” placed too far away from the “K”.
  • In the “NIKE” text, the real sneakers have their “E” looking thinner on the bottom side than the “E” of the fake shoes.
  • Lastly, looking at the letter “i”, the same flaw from the rear heel’s “NIKE sacai” text: the fake Sacai LD Waffle pair has its dot of the letter “i” thinner and smaller than the dot on the authentic letter.

4. Suede

When touched, the suede should leave visibly dark traces on an authentic pair.

That is what we call the “suede effect”.

4.1. Varsity Blue

  • The suede effect is present in authentic sneakers.
  • On the fake Sacai Waffles, while present, it isn’t as pronounced as the authentic ones.

By that, we mean that if you rub your finger on the suede area of the shoes, there will be paths/shadows left off where you’ve touched the sneakers, and then, the suede effect will be visible.

On the other hand, fake sneakers often have poor quality, as the suede effect cannot be visible even if you rub the sneakers with your finger.

4.2. Pine Green

real vs fake sacai waffle
  • The fake Nike LDWaffles have their suede looking too rough compared to the one on the legit shoes.

On the other hand, looking at the legit Sacai Waffles, you can see how the suede effect is present and easily visible.

4.3. Green Gusto

  • Once again, the suede effect is noticeably more defined on the authentic Waffles.

By that, we mean that the quality of the suede patch on the toe box area (and on the rear side too) has better quality than the suede on the fake shoes, which is obviously poorer in quality.

4.4. Black

  • Looking at the authentic Sacai Waffle Black sneakers, you can see how the suede is more moving.
  • By that, we mean that the splits found on the suede underside are moving, thus creating different shades of colours.
  • On the other hand, the replica Sacai Waffle Black shoes have their suede looking more static and less defined.

4.5. Summit White

  • The stitching on the replica shoes appears to be present, but the suede is too rough.

Looking at the authentic Sacai Waffles, you can see how the suede effect is present and it looks rough, but surely not as rough as the fake sneakers’ suede material.

4.6. Black Nylon

legit check sacai nylon black
  • On these shoes, the suede material is present all around the laces, the Swoosh logo, the toe box, and the rear side of the sneakers.

Looking at the fake sneakers, you can see how the suede effect is, once again, rougher than the one on the legit shoes.

4.7. White Nylon

  • The fake sneakers have their suede looking somewhat thinner and less rough than the suede stitching met on the authentic shoes.

With this being said for this step on how to spot fake Sacai Waffle sneakers, let’s move on to the next spot.

5. Tongue labels

Nike Sacai Waffle Legit Check
  • The fake pair’s “®” symbol appears to be too small Nike Sacai Waffle pair.
  • Then, the word “SPORTSWEAR” is looking too thin on the fake Sacai Waffle.

6. Swoosh logos

Nike Sacai Waffle Swoosh
  • The fake Swooshes look too thin.
  • The fake Swoosh is too arched at the top.

7. Toe box

  • The fake Nike Sacai Waffle toe box seems to be too curvy.
  • They’re also round and arched.
  • The fake toe boxes look too bulky, though the bulkiness may differ from one size to another.

8. Side panel

  • The fake Nike Sacai Waffle seems to have the stitching lines too curved.

The structure of the fake Nike Sacai Waffle is different from the legit one, as the fake pair seems to be too arched, and that’s especially at the toe box stitching.

9. Front stitching

  • The stitching rectangle below the laces is too far away from the first line of laces on the fake Sacai Waffle pair.

For this step, you may have to look a bit closer, but if you look close enough, you can spot the differences easily.

10. Size tag

  • The fake “SZ” text on the top right corner of the size tag is noticeably thinner and smaller.

11. Long heel tab

  • The fake Sacai Waffle has this tab looking too short, while the legit one is longer.

12. Sole pattern

For the twelfth step of our real vs fake Nike Sacai Waffle guide, you’ll have to flip your sneakers to the rear side. Let’s see the Sacai Waffle real vs fake sole pattern pictures:

Sacai Waffle Authenticity Check Guide – Sole Pattern
  • The main problem with the fake pair is that the dots appear to be too big, while the dots on the legit pair are smaller.

We’d like to mention that this spot mainly applies to unworn Nike Sacai Waffle shoes, or at least for the pairs that have been worn a little bit, just so the sole won’t be too damaged.

13. Box label

Nike Sacai Real VS Fake Guide – Box Label
  • The fake text indicates the size is too small and thinner than on the legit box label.

Shortlist: Tell fake Nike x Sacai Waffle quickly

  1. Check the “U.S. PATENT” text on the sole. Mostly, the fake shoes have their text looking too thick.
  2. Look at the tongue tag. Usually, the fake Sacai Waffle pairs have the word “SPORTSWEAR” looking too thin, and the (R) character is too small.
  3. Analyze the Swooshes on your Nike Sacai Waffle pair. The fake Sacai Waffle pairs have the Swoosh looking too thin, and the top tip of it looks too arched.
  4. Check the curviness level of your toe box. Usually, the fake toe box looks too curvy, bulky and too arched than the legit one.
  5. Inspect the stitching on your Nike Sacai Waffle toe box. The fake stitching lines look too arched and curvy most of the time.
  6. Analyze the stitching rectangle below the laces of your Nike Sacai Waffle. Usually, this rectangle of stitching appears to be placed too far from the laces.
  7. Look at the size tag on your Nike Sacai Waffle. Usually, the fake size tag has the “SZ” text looking too thin and small.
  8. Verify the long white tab on the heel of your Nike Sacai Waffle pair. Most of the time, this part of the fake Sacai Waffle shoes appears too short on the fake pairs.
  9. Check the rear “NIKE sacai” heel text. Mainly, the fake dot on the letter “i” is too small and the fake word “NIKE” looks too thin.
  10. Inspect the pattern of the sole on your Nike Sacai Waffle pair. The replica Sacai Waffle sneakers have the dots on the sole looking too big.
  11. Look at the box label of your Nike Sacai Waffle. Most of the time, the text that indicates the size of your Sacai Waffle sneakers is too small and thin.
  12. Analyze the insole print. Most of the time, the counterfeit Nike x Sacai LDWaffle pairs have their text at different font weights.
  13. Verify your shoes for the suede effect. Mostly, if you rub your finger on the fake sneakers’ suede areas, you will notice that no shadow will remain back where you drew a line with your finger. On authentic sneakers, the suede effect is always visible after you rub the sneakers.

The 13 fake vs real Sacai Waffle steps outlined above are well-detailed and it will be time demanding to perform each authentication step when you need to confirm the originality of your Sacai Waffles.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60-second solution to authenticating your sneakers.

Expert Sacai Waffle authentication

If you need help with the authentication of your Nike Sacai Waffle, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your Nike Sacai Waffle and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our real vs fake Nike Sacai Waffle guide. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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