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This guide shows how to legit check most Off-White pieces through the wash tag test.

Note, this guide is part of the complete Off-White fake vs real guide, which can be found here. Unless you’re looking for the specific authentic vs counterfeit Off White wash tag guide, we recommend you read the complete guide linked above.

Let’s start the fake vs real OW wash tag comparison.

Real vs fake comparisons are added below and as it’s the case with other replicated items, fake manufacturers have so much to counterfeit on the outside of the garment, that the focus on the inside parts (i.e. neck tag and wash tag) is not primary.

Which makes this, the wash tag, and the neck tag two of the most important points in legit checking Off White, as you can see in the complete guide.

Wash tag fabrication country

Off-White is produced in Portugal, Italy and rarely Romania. Sometimes you might see “Made in UE” written on an authentic wash tag. All these are legit.

However, if you see “Made in China”, “Made in Vietnam” or any other country on a wash tag, that is an instant callout for a fake.

fake off white wash tags

Before FW16, the wash tag should say “MADE IN UE” — FW16 is not included, we’ll lay out below a map of how to legit check Off-White based on the year’s collection.

After FW16 (“CUT OFF” inscribed on the garment), the rule is:

  • Hoodies, Tees and Crewnecks – Made in Portugal
  • Denim, Belts, Backpacks and Caps/Hats – Made in Italy
  • Leather products or jackets – Made in Romania

For instance, a wash tag from a tee/hoodie saying “Made in Italy” is a typical flaw and an instant callout for a fake.

How do you know if an item is from a collection post-FW16?

You’ve probably noticed texts like “CUT OFF” or “SEEING THINGS”, “TEMPERATURE” or alike on the bottom of the tee/hoodie. That is the collection name. Check the map below.

Off White collections map

FW18 and above (SS19, FW19, etc.)

After FW18, it looks like there’s no regular print on most pieces, much like it used to be before. However, we can still legit check Off White garments by having a look at the wash tag: it should say Made in Italy/Portugal.

Whereas for the rest of the collections, here’s what they usually have inscribed:


Off White FW18


Off White FW17

Pre-Fall 17 (Women) — “GLOBAL WARMING?”

Off White Pre-17 Collection


Off White SS17

Kith x Off-White (early 2017) — “JUST GLOBAL”

Kith x Off White Collection Legit Check

FW16 — “CUT OFF”

Off White FW16 collection


Off White SS16 collection


Worth noting is that the collection’s name is “Done Deal”.

Off White FW15 collection


off white ss15 collection

Naturally, if you’re still not sure about your Off White item’s collection, you can try looking it up online. You’d do that to see if someone else has had a listing with it so you can compare the pics — more applicable to older items.

Wash tag material legit check

Off-White Italy Wash Tag

The wash tag pictured above is a good example of a material that’s of a lesser quality than the authentic one.

Although it might be hard to explain in words how the authentic material should feel, you can still tell the difference given enough pictures. The way you do that is by seeing how light reflects from the material.

The fake wash tags are either:

  • Rough shiny material like the picture above
  • A shiny paper material
  • Thick paper

The original wash tag should be from a fabric that’s silky smooth and one that feels high quality.

Imagine a reputable design house’s wash tags and that should give you an estimate on how the authentic material feels. I’m hoping the photo below will help you understand. Try zooming in, it could help you feel the difference.

Off-White Wash Tag Material

One extra tell to mention is the craftsmanship on the stitching job. It makes sense why the replica one would be of lesser quality. The authentic one is richer and denser.

Off-White Wash Tag Stitching

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