Off-White Legit Check Guide: Wash Tag (2024)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

This guide shows how to legit check most Off-White pieces through the wash tag test.

Note, this guide is part of the complete Off-White fake vs real guide, which can be found here. Unless you’re looking for the specific authentic vs counterfeit Off White wash tag guide, we recommend you read the complete guide linked above.

The wash tag is already the #1 way to spot fake Off-White clothing. This guide will teach you everything about identifying specific models and whether they’re real or fake Off-Whites through the wash tag.

Let’s start the fake vs real Off-White wash tag comparison!

How to spot fake Off-White wash tags

You can tell if Off-White wash tags are fake by looking at their prints. If you see any thick, misaligned, and fuzzy inscriptions, you’re 100% looking at a counterfeit Off-White wash tag.

We shall now begin the detailed comparison with real vs fake images.

1. Fabrication country

Off-White products are produced in Portugal, Italy, and occasionally Romania. Authentic wash tags may sometimes bear the label “Made in UE,” which is also legitimate.

However, if you come across a wash tag that states “Made in China,” “Made in Vietnam,” or any other country, that is a clear sign of a fake product.

Before FW16, the wash tag should indicate “MADE IN UE.” FW16 is an exception to this rule. Below, we provide a guide on how to authenticate Off-White based on the collection year.

After FW16, marked with “CUT OFF” on the garment, the authentication rule is as follows:

  • Hoodies, Tees, and Crewnecks – Made in Portugal
  • Denim, Belts, Backpacks, and Caps/Hats – Made in Italy
  • Leather products or jackets – Made in Romania

For example, a wash tag on a tee/hoodie stating “Made in Italy” is a common flaw and an immediate sign of a fake.

How can you determine if an item is from a collection post-FW16?

You may have noticed text like “CUT OFF,” “SEEING THINGS,” “TEMPERATURE,” or similar phrases at the bottom of the tee/hoodie. This text indicates the collection name.

Later in this guide, you’ll find an Off-White collections map. Use the table of contents on the left (or at the top if you’re on mobile) to navigate there quickly.

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2. Material

The wash tag displayed above serves as a clear illustration of a material that is of lower quality than the genuine one.

While it may be challenging to articulate the tactile sensation of authentic material through words, a discernible distinction can be made with an adequate number of images. This differentiation is achieved by observing how light interacts with the material.

Counterfeit wash tags typically fall into these categories:

  • Rough shiny material as depicted in the image above
  • Shiny paper material
  • Thick paper

In contrast, the original wash tag should consist of fabric that is remarkably smooth, delivering a sense of high quality.

Imagine the wash tags from a reputable design house; this should provide you with a sense of the authentic material’s texture.

For further clarity, consider examining the photo below. Zooming in might assist you in perceiving the distinction in texture.

Another noteworthy aspect to highlight is the quality of craftsmanship in the stitching. The rationale behind the disparity in quality between the replica and the authentic item becomes evident here.

The genuine product boasts stitching that is more intricate and compact.

3. Inscriptions

In the comparison image above, highlighting genuine versus counterfeit Off-White FW20 items:

  • The counterfeit Off-White pieces feature inaccurately positioned inscriptions, deviating from the authentic placements.
  • Take note of the “OM….” text on the fake item, appearing smaller and thinner compared to the genuine version, which boasts larger and bolder text.
  • The “SIZE CA” inscription on the fake piece exhibits a bulky and thick appearance.
  • Similarly, the “FABRIC” text on the counterfeit item is characterized by a boxy and thin design.
  • Pay attention to the “100%” text, where the numeral “1” is excessively thick on the fake item, while the rest of the characters appear overly thin.

Such painting discrepancies are absent in legitimate Off-White items. Authentic Off-White pieces consistently exhibit inscriptions on the wash tag with a consistent font weight for each letter and character.

Off White collections map

FW18 and above (SS19, FW19, etc.)

Subsequent to FW18, a return to the previous norm is observed with the absence of regular prints on most items.

Nonetheless, we can still conduct a valid authenticity check on Off-White apparel by examining the wash tag: it ought to display “Made in Italy/Portugal.”

As for the other collections, the following inscriptions are typically present:



Pre-Fall 17 (Women) — “GLOBAL WARMING?”


Kith x Off-White (early 2017) — “JUST GLOBAL”

FW16 — “CUT OFF”



Worth noting is that the collection’s name is “Done Deal”.


Of course, if you remain uncertain about the collection of your Off-White item, you can consider conducting an online search.

This approach allows you to check if anyone else has posted a listing featuring the same item, enabling you to compare the pictures.

This method is particularly useful for older items.

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Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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