How To Spot A Fake Off-White Zip Tie (All Colors)

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OW Zip Tie Fake VS Real
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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

Want to learn how to spot fake Off-White zip ties?

This guide will teach you just that. We’ll go from the classic red zip tie to all the color variants.

The zip tie is simply an accessory coming with brand-new Off-White products. You can opt to wear it or cut it and start wearing your products.

This guide works for all Off-White zip tie colors.

Want to learn how to spot fake Off-White clothes? We’ve got a separate guide for that.

Now, let’s focus on the Off-White zip ties.

How to tell if your Off-White zip tie is fake

You can spot a fake Off-White zip tie by checking the “Off-White TM” text on the frontal side. Most fake Off-White zip ties have this text looking different than the authentic ones.

We’ll now begin the comparison for each color of the Off-White zip tie.

1. White on red

1.1. Thickness

  • The “ZIP TIE” text is on the fake Off-White zip tie.
  • The “WHITE” print on the zip tie isn’t as visible as the one on the legit zip tie.

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1.2. Placement

  • The “OFF-WHITE TM C/O NIKE” print is misplaced on the fake zip tie because it is placed crooked.
  • The two circles on the side of the zip tie are too textured on the fake zip tie.

The authentic Off-White zip tie’s print is placed correctly, on a straight line.

1.3. Teeth

  • The fake Off-White zip tie’s teeth on the side of the tie are less defined and detailed than the authentic Off-White zip tie’s.

Shortly, the fake elements that close the zip tie are too detailed, whereas the real ones are smoother

2. Blue

  • The C. 2018 “ZIP TIE” is too visible on the fake zip tie.
  • The replica zip tie’s teeth are bigger, thicker, and more massive than the real ones.

The genuine text is less visible than the text on most of the replica zip ties.

3. Green

You’ll find this zip tie on a few Nike x Off-White pairs designed for Serena Williams:

3.1. Best replica

  1. Visibility of “C. 2018”: On the counterfeit zip tie, the “C. 2018” imprint is less pronounced compared to the authentic zip tie.
  2. Size of “2018” Text: The “2018” inscription on the replica zip tie is noticeably smaller than on the genuine one.
  3. Quotation Mark Thickness: The quotation marks (” “) on the fake Off-White zip tie appear overly thick when compared to the original.
  4. Color Difference: The counterfeit zip tie exhibits a washed-out yellow hue, while the genuine Off-White zip tie boasts the correct neon green shade.

3.2. Lower replica

fake vs real off-white zip tie
  • The fake Off-White zip tie’s text is a lot thicker than it has to be on the legit zip ties.

4. White

You can find this zip tie on the Off-White Dunk Low.

  • The letter “O” in the “OFF” text is smaller, less detailed and textured.
  • The paint’s quality is worse than the paint used on the authentic zip tie’s text.
  • There are two dots next to the letter “C” on the fake.

On the authentic zip tie, there is just one dot.

5. Black

The black zip tie may be found on the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Muslin.

  • The “TM” print is a lot thicker and boxier than the authentic text.
  • The fake “ZIP TIE” is too thick and boxy as well.

6. Black on red

This zip tie belongs to the Off-White Air Force 1 MCA.

  • The fake text is too thick.
  • Most noticeable in the “OFF-WHITE TM” logo.

See how the authentic zip tie’s text is thinner.

7. Sail (Jordan 4)

You can find the cream zip tie on the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sail.

  • The text is too thick on the fake Off-White zip tie.

Note: It may be harder to analyze this zip tie if light lands directly on the text.

Make sure you’re in the right lighting conditions to legit check this zip tie.

8. Sail (Jordan 5)

This zip tie can be found on the Off-White Jordan 5 Sail.

  • “OFF-WHITE” Text Thickness: On the counterfeit zip tie, the “OFF-WHITE” inscription appears overly thick in comparison to the genuine version.
  • Proximity of “TM” to “OFF-WHITE”: The “TM” symbol is positioned too close to the “OFF-WHITE” text on the fake zip tie.
  • Thickness of Quotation Marks: The quotation marks (” “) on the fake zip tie are noticeably thicker than on the authentic piece.
  • Quotation Mark Placement: On the replica zip tie, the quotation marks are situated too closely to the “ZIP TIE” text.

Expert Off-White authentication

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This concludes our guide on distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit Off-White zip ties.

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