How To Spot Fake Heron Preston Clothes (2024)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

Wondering how to spot fake Heron Preston clothes? Then you are in the right place because we have prepared this article with the best spots you have to analyze in order to learn how to spot fake Heron Preston turtlenecks.

In this guide, you’ll find real vs fake image to help you authenticate your item.

We’ll use the turtleneck for this guide. However, all steps apply to any Heron Preston clothes.

Now, let’s move to the legit check guide.

How to tell if Heron Preston is real

You can tell if Heron Preston is real if the wash tags have thin inscriptions. Fakes always have thicker prints compared to the authentic.

Replica Heron Preston manufacturers never manage to detail the wash tags correctly.

1. Wash tag

  1. The fake “HERON PRESTON” text is too thin.
  2. The “SIZE CA” text on the upper side of the wash tag is also too thin.
    • The fake “SIZE CA” text is also placed too close to the line below.
    • The authentic text is placed higher than the fake one.
  3. The multiple lines of text in the middle of the wash tag are really thick and boxy.
  4. The “30” text on the fake item’s wash tag is too small, less visible and not centred on the box.

The symbols at the bottom side of the wash tag are most of the time less visible and too thin on the wash tags of the replica Heron Preston crewnecks.

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2. Logo

Heron Preston is famous for the “СТИЛЬ” logo, which translates as “STYLE” from Russian to English.

  1. The letter “С” is too big and less curvy than the letter legit letter “С”.
  2. The replica item’s letter is crooked.
    • It isn’t stitched on a perfect horizontal line at the bottom, as the authentic letter is.
  3. At the curvy side on the bottom left side, the fake letter is too thick and way too curvy.
  4. The fake item’s letter is too long on the bottom side.

Overall: The fake Heron Preston item has the whole “CTNMB” text looking too slim, too long and too curvy compared to the text on the authentic item.

3. Orange badge

  • The “CLOTHES ACCESSORIES” text is too thin on the fake product.
  • The “HERON PRESTON CREATIVE, INC.” text is way too thin as well.
  • The fake “MADE I ITALY” and the “AUTHENTIC” prints are too thin on the fake Heron Preston.

Shortlist: Quickly authenticate Heron Preston clothes

  1. Wash Tag Inspection: Examine the wash tag on your Heron Preston crewneck. Counterfeit versions often display printings that are either too thick or too thin, and the text might be mispositioned.
  2. “CTNMB” Text Verification: Look at the “CTNMB” text on the collar. Fake Heron Preston items typically have this text appearing overly large, wide, curvy, and thin when compared to authentic pieces.
  3. Orange Badge Check: Inspect the orange badge on the side of your crewneck. On replicas, the text on this badge tends to appear thinner than the text on genuine Heron Preston items.

If you’re pressed for time or considering purchasing the Heron Preston crewneck online, the three comprehensive steps mentioned earlier might not be the most convenient for you.

For a faster verification method, we’ve summarized a 30-second solution for you.

Expert Heron Preston authentication

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  • Along with our verdict, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining the reasons for our assessment of its authenticity.

Stay tuned, as we’ll update this guide with newer and more refined comparisons in the future.

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