How To Spot Fake Vlone x Palm Angels (Tee, Hoodie)

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Ch David

If you are a fan of the Vlone and Palm Angels t-shirts, then you sure know about the collaboration of these two.

That being said, you might as well want to learn how to spot fake Vlone x Palm Angels items.

In this guide, we’ll teach you just that.

infographic on how to spot fake vlone
Infographic: Quick ways to spot fake Vlone

How to tell fake Vlone Palm Angels

The best way to tell fake Vlone x Palm Angels is to check the wash and the neck tags. Replica quality never compares to the original in terms of text positioning, font weight, and placement of the prints on these specific tags.

Let’s check it out!

1. Wash tag

  • The “100% COTTON” text appears to be thicker than the text on the authentic Vlone wash tag.
  • The same “100% COTTON” text also looks too narrow and boxy on the fake.
  • The “MADE IN USA” text is too thick.
    • This can be the easiest visible by looking at the letter “M”.
    • The Vlone tee has its letter a lot thicker than the authentic Vlone t-shirt’s letter “M”.
  • The fake “MADE IN USA” text is also too big compared to the original.
  • The circle below the “MADE IN USA” text is too thick on the fake.
  • The circle is also to opaque. The real one is “less visible” compared to the fake circle.
  • The “DRY CLEAN ONLY” text is also too thick, boxy, and wide.
  • The Vlone “V” logo at the bottom has no holes. Authentic ones always do.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Vlone experts:

2. Neck tag

  • The “MADE IN VLONE” text and the dry-cleaning prints are too thin on the fake tee.
  • The “LIVE VLONE DIE VLONE” text is too thin and misplaced.
  • The “DIE” text is placed higher than the rest of the words on the fake Palm Angels x Vlone neck tag.

All inscriptions on an authentic neck tag have to be placed at the same level.

None is ever lower than any other letters or words!

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

3. Back

  • The holes in the fake Vlone logo are too wide. The authentic ones are narrower.
  • The “Palm Angels” logo text is too thin compared to the authentic.
  • This is most noticeable when looking at the “P” and “s”.

4. Front

  • The fake “VLONE” print has its letters placed too close to each other.
  • The “V” in the text above is also too thin compared to the authentic “V”.

Shortlist: Legit check your Vlone x Palm Angels

  1. Wash Tag Examination: Ensure the text on the wash tag matches the font of legitimate items. It shouldn’t appear too thick. The key feature to observe is the “V” print. Counterfeit Vlone items often lack the holes in the “V” logo.
  2. Neck Tag Inspection: Particularly with Vlone x Palm Angels pieces, fakes tend to display text that looks excessively thick.
  3. Rear Print Assessment: On counterfeit Vlone products, the holes in the logo are noticeably more curved and arched. Additionally, the “Palm Angels” inscription often appears too slim.
  4. Frontal “VLONE” Text Verification: Predominantly, fake Vlone x Palm Angels pieces exhibit text that’s too slender, with letters sitting too closely together.

It’s not always accessible or convenient to go through every intricate step of authentication when checking the genuineness of your Vlone item.

For this reason, we’ve put together a swift 60-second guide for verifying your Vlone x Palm Angels clothes.

Above are the primary signs that can aid you in discerning between a counterfeit piece and an authentic one.

Expert Vlone x Palm Angels authentication

For assistance with authenticating your Vlone item, you’re in the right place.

  • If you’re unsure about navigating this guide, simply send us clear photos of your Vlone x Palm Angels tee or hoodie.
  • We respond with our findings in 24 to 48 hours (however, it often takes just a few hours).
  • Along with our verdict, we’ll provide a detailed report explaining our rationale for determining whether your sneakers are genuine or counterfeit.

That’s it! Thank you for reading our guide on how to spot fake Vlone x Palm Angels.

Need our opinion on your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get a fully-detailed report for why you have a real or fake item. Takes less than 48 hours!

Alternatively, use our free resources: written guides and video tutorials.

Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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