Saint Laurent Paris Teddy: How To Spot A Fake Jacket

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SLP Teddy Jacket
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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

Welcome to our Saint Laurent Paris Teddy Jacket authentication guide.

Let’s take you through the 8 spots to look at in order to spot a fake Saint Laurent jacket.

This guide works for all colorways and releases of the jacket.

You can use this guide to authenticate any jacket made after 2013.

How to tell if your SLP Teddy jacket is real

You can tell if a Saint Laurent Teddy jacket is real if the “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” text on the wash tag has the same thickness for all of its letters.

Fakes often miss this detail and have some letters either thicker or thinner than the rest.

1. Wash tag

  1. Extra Size Tab:
    • Authentic: The legitimate SLP Teddy jackets do not have an extra tab above the wash tag that indicates the size.
    • Fake: Some counterfeit versions include this extra size tab, which is not present on the authentic items.
  2. “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” Text Alignment:
    • Authentic: The text “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” on the wash tag should be aligned straight.
    • Fake: On counterfeit versions, this text may appear crooked or misaligned.
  3. Text Thickness on Wash Tag:
    • Authentic: The text in the center of the wash tag, indicating where the jacket was made, is thin.
    • Fake: The corresponding text on the fake SLP Teddy jackets appears too thick.
  4. “UP…..” Text Thickness:
    • Authentic: The “UP…..” text on the wash tag of authentic jackets is also thin.
    • Fake: On fake versions, this text appears too thick as well.
  5. “YSL.COM” Text Thickness:
    • Authentic: The text “YSL.COM” on the authentic wash tag is thin.
    • Fake: The same text on counterfeit versions appears too thick.

Remember: YSL is the same brand as SLP.

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2. Neck tag

  1. “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” Text Thickness:
    • Authentic: The text “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” is thinner on the authentic SLP Teddy jacket.
    • Fake: On the counterfeit version, this text appears too thick.
  2. Width of “PARIS”:
    • Authentic: The word “PARIS” on the authentic SLP Teddy jacket maintains its original proportions and appears narrower.
    • Fake: On the fake jacket, the word “PARIS” appears stretched out and wider than it should be.
  3. Letter “S” in “PARIS”:
    • Authentic: The letter “S” in the word “PARIS” on the authentic jacket is smaller and maintains the correct proportions.
    • Fake: The same letter on the counterfeit version appears noticeably larger, aligning with the stretched-out look of the text.

A quick mention:

  • The steps we’ve written so far are the BEST ways to authenticate this item
  • The next few steps are still reliable methods…
  • … but they apply to non-top-versions of replicas available for this item

If in doubt, we recommend double-checking the steps we’ve explained above this line.

2. Sleeves

  1. Oversized Arms:
    • Authentic: The authentic SLP Teddy jacket features oversized arms as part of its design.
    • Fake: The counterfeit version does not have oversized arms, differing from the authentic design.
  2. Arm Length Relative to Body:
    • Authentic: On the legitimate SLP Teddy jacket, the arms are longer than the bottom of the jacket.
    • Fake: In the fake version, the arms are the same length as the body of the jacket, which is incorrect.

4. Leather

  1. Stripe Texture:
    • Authentic: The white stripes on the arms of the authentic SLP Teddy jacket have a softer appearance.
    • Fake: On the counterfeit version, the stripes do not have this soft texture.
  2. Stripe Color:
    • Authentic: The authentic SLP Teddy jacket features stripes that range in color from white to cream or cream-white.
    • Fake: The stripes on the fake version appear to be pure white, which is incorrect.

5. Stitching

  • Authentic: The stitching on the authentic SLP Teddy jacket is small, subtle, and virtually flawless.
  • Fake: On the fake version, the stitching is more noticeable and less refined, easily seen even from a distance.

6. Wool

  • Authentic: The wool on the authentic SLP Teddy jacket has a rough texture and a waffle-shaped pattern, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into making the genuine article.
  • Fake: Conversely, the wool on the fake jacket is smoother and lacks the waffle-shaped pattern, showing a lack of attention to detail in its construction.

7. Interior

Note: This particular sign of authenticity applies only to older versions of the SLP Teddy jacket.

Newer genuine models feature horizontally oriented pockets.

  • Authentic (Older Versions): The interior pocket on older authentic SLP Teddy jackets is oriented vertically.
  • Fake: The fake versions often get this detail wrong, with the pocket opening horizontally instead.

8. Shape

  • Authentic: The arm stripes on the authentic SLP Teddy jacket are softer at the edges, appearing less sharp.
  • Fake: In contrast, the arm stripes on the fake SLP Teddy jacket have notably sharper edges.

Shortlist: Authenticate your Saint Laurent Teddy jacket

  1. Examine the wash tag. Counterfeit versions often have thicker text and an additional size tab that genuine SLP Teddy jackets lack.
  2. Look at the neck tag. Note any unusually thick text or subpar stitching.
  3. Assess the arm length of your SLP Teddy jacket. Authentic jackets have oversized arms that extend past the jacket’s bottom, whereas fakes have arms equal in length to the jacket’s bottom.
  4. Evaluate the quality of the leather. Fake jackets tend to have less refined leather.
  5. Inspect the leather’s stitching. Stitches on counterfeit jackets are typically more conspicuous.
  6. Study the interior wool. Fakes often have a smoother interior without the distinct waffle-shaped stitch positioning found in genuine jackets.
  7. Check the interior pocket’s orientation. Authentic jackets have vertically opening pockets, while fakes often open horizontally.

Navigating through the entire guide can be time-consuming.

That’s why we’ve created a concise summary for you here.

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This concludes our guide on identifying fake SLP Teddy jackets using seven key areas.

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

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