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Since fake manufacturers started replicating the StockX tag, how can I spot fake vs real StockX tags?

That’s the type of question we can answer on our Legit Check App since we’re building the library of fake vs real guides and we’ve covered hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to spot fakes.

How to spot a fake StockX tag? The short answer is: you need to check whether the signature and the “X” logo icon on the card that comes with the tag are from a different, more laminated material. Besides, you will want to see if the tag is scuffed or presents any inconsistency that does not show a high-quality product. To understand these differences better, we’ve attached real vs fake StockX tag picture comparisons below.

First and foremost, we’ll cover what the StockX tag is just so we can get the basics then we’ll expand into our StockX tag real vs fake.

After that, we’ll clear up some questions that are within our power to address.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the real vs fake StockX tag legit check guide.

What is the StockX tag?

StockX tags are the company’s seal of authenticity: it’s their way of proving that an item has been deemed authentic (i.e. not counterfeit) by them. One of their tags (pictured below) will be attached to an item (always on the left shoe, if it’s a sneaker) so as to prove that they deemed is as a genuine item.

What is the StockX tag?

StockX has a clearly-defined process: every transaction of every item must go through their warehouses so that they can authenticate the said item: regardless of whether it’s a sneaker, streetwear clothing piece, luxury bag or watch.

The way they can confirm that an item has been authenticated by one of their employees is by attaching their tag to the merch that has been through their locations.

As we’ll soon see, fake manufacturers have tried to replicate this seal of authenticity, since people started trusting the green coin.

But don’t worry about that, we’ll guide you through how to spot the fake StockX tag.

How to spot fake StockX tag

As we always mention in our guides, fake manufacturers will always compromise when replicating a certain item.

The explanation for “Why is that happening?” is simple: they will always rush these details as they’re not as important to them as they are for the official companies (like Adidas, Nike, StockX in this case etc.)

Here’s the breakdown of how to legit check the StockX tag:

Step 1: Check the font on the front of the StockX tag

The first thing we want to look out for in a real StockX tag is the font of the text found on the front of the coin.

As we’ll point out below, there are visible differences between the authentic and the fake StockX tag. Besides, there is the generic fake tag and a better (albeit rarer) version.

Let’s start with the higher quality counterfeit StockX tag:

real vs fake stockx tag

The first thing we need to point out on the fake coin is the fact that most of these inscriptions seem to be chipped.

We’ve highlighted that through the hand emoji found on the bottom of the coin, where the “E” is the most visibly scuffed or damaged letter.

Obviously, this will vary on the fakes and the damage found in the fake vs real StockX tag comparison above is not perfectly constant.

However, there is definitely a difference in terms of how strong this coat of paint is.

Besides that, we’ve pointed out the difference in spacing between the letters. As you can see, “E” and “R” are spaced differently on the fake tag, as well as “E” and “D”.

Let’s move on to the lower quality version of the green coin:

fake vs real stockx tag

In this real vs fake StockX tag comparison, we can first point out the fact that the dots found on each side of the “X” logo are significantly bigger on the fake tag.

Moving on to the text, the font used here is different. It seems pretty obvious even to the naked eye that the letters used on the fake tag are sometimes assembled in a weird manner.

That is the most noticeable in the “A”, “H”, and “E” inscriptions, as we’ve highlighted.

We need to note here how the thickness of these letters is sometimes varying even on the authentic tags, as you might notice in the comparisons below.

Therefore, given that the variance is not too high, we will not consider font thickness a reliable tell.

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Step 2: Closely inspect the StockX logo on the authenticity tag

Moving on, we’ll analyse the “X” logo used by StockX. Since the higher quality replica StockX tag seems to replicate it virtually perfectly (except, maybe, for the level of embossing), we will not analyse that specific model.

Once again, the fake tag below is the most commonly found one.

how to spot a fake stockx tag

Over here we’ll note two main tells.

For starters, the fake StockX tag is missing the lines found at the intersection of the two oblique lines that the character is made up of.

We’ve highlighted the small line found on the right side of the authentic tag, though the oblique line found on the left is missing as well.

As a second tell, we’ll point out how the shape of the arrow found in the upper right corner of the X is different. We’ve highlighted the difference up-close in a StockX tag legit check comparison below.

fake stockx tags

As you can see, the right side of the arrow is slightly different from the replica tag. Very minor detail but an observable one, nonetheless.

We will need to note that the authentic tag you’ve seen above is the most recent 2019 StockX tag fake vs real comparison.

Below we’ve attached a brief look at the previous very slightly different version.

how to scan a fake stockx tag

Once again, the arrow is different and on top of that, only the oblique line found on the left side of the X intersection can be found on the authentic.

Needless to say, the counterfeit StockX tag misses that small detail. Yet again, font differences can be noticed here, as well as a variance in size for the dots.

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Step 3: Inspect the StockX card that comes with the tag

Unfortunately, fake StockX tags do come with a set of counterfeit paperware.

We need to point out here that StockX is not completely constant in the way it distributes these cards.

Sometimes they send a black card, some other times it looks like their boxes come with a green card — we will illustrate both versions below.

The good news is that the green cards do not seem to be replicated at all, so having something like what you see below is a very good sign.

stockx authentic papers

There is also a newer type of green card with 3 bullet points instead of this numbered list with two items — that is fine as well, neither of these green cards is replicated!

Moving on, here’s the StockX card fake vs real comparison for the black version.

stockx real vs fake papers

We need to move your attention towards the “X” StockX logo in the upper left corner. For starters, the colour of this logo is much more of a highlighter green, rather than the grass green StockX uses.

That is visible even on the stickers (highlighted with the hand emoji) that come with these cards and tags.

Notice how even though the light shines directly on the authentic sticker (therefore it’s at its lightest tint in a picture), there is definitely a difference in colour. We’ve zoomed up on the pictures for you to understand better.

fake vs real stockx papers

A very important tell for the black StockX card is the material that is used for the logo. Thanks to the shadows of the authentic logo, we can point out the emboss that’s present on genuine paperware.

This can also be noticed on the signature found on the bottom left side of this accompanying card — have a look below:

legit stockx paper
Thanks to our community member Ryan Canelo for providing this.

Given that this laminate material stands out on the authentic card, whereas the fake ones simply have these two details (signature + StockX logo) printed, it should be very easy for you to legit check the fake StockX paperware.

Last but not least, we will ask you to scroll up a bit to notice the placement of the signature: you will notice how the fake card has this detail placed too high.

Step 4: Flip the coin and analyse the text on the rear side of the coin

For the next tell, we will flip the coin over and have a closer look at the text inscription found there. Don’t worry about the StockX tag QR Code fake vs real comparison, we’re covering that in a second as well.

What you need to look out for here is any excessive damage to these characters. No authentic StockX coin should look like it’s been dragged through rough materials.

fake stockx tag qr code scan

It’s worth adding that this happens as a consequence of using a significantly thinner coat of paint on these letters, therefore they will get the scuffed look very easily.

The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways to authenticate this item.

The next few steps are still reliable signs of authenticity but are for non-top-versions of replicas available for this item. We recommend sticking to the steps we’ve explained above to make sure you’re not drawing the wrong conclusions.

Step 5: Make sure the tag is always attached to the left sneaker, never to the right one

Even though not all fakes get this detail wrong, it’s worth adding this tell closer to the top of our list, since it’s an absolutely instant giveaway for a replica.

All StockX-approved sneakers will come out of their warehouses with the tag attached to the left shoe.

stockx tags should be on the left shoe

In other words, any sneaker that comes with a StockX tag attached to the right shoe will, in 99.999% of the cases, probably be using a replica set of tags.

Step 6: Test whether the cable can be unplugged and re-plugged

Another important detail to notice is whether the cable that wraps the coin around is detachable and “re-attachable”.

In other words, once an authentic StockX tag has been closed, think of it as a zip-tie: one is not supposed to be able to attach this cable together.

how to tell fake stockx tags

We do want to raise awareness of the fact that, as a consequence, two scenarios are possible:

  1. The sneakers laces can be taken off so that the tag is intact — in the lower-left corner of the real vs fake StockX tag comparison below is a visual example.
  2. The tag’s cable will be simply cut.
authentic vs fake stockx tag

Therefore, we strongly suggest you do not deem a perfectly closed cable as a replica. What we’re pointing out is that the fake cables are able to be disconnected and re-attached together at any given moment.

Step 7: Look for a grass green shade of colour on the coin

We’ve covered earlier the difference in colour over the X icon in this company’s logo.

However, there is also a slight difference in regard to the colour used on the coins.

Because it’s significantly harder to spot the difference (as opposed to the previous situation, where the fakes used a much-farther-from-the-truth green), we’ve placed this tell closer to the bottom of our list on how to legit check the StockX tag.

stockx coin real vs fake guide

Of course, lighting plays a very important role when taking these pictures. That aside, the authentic StockX tags come with a “grass green” shade, while the counterfeit tags have more of a “mint green” tint.

Step 8: StockX QR Code scan legit check guide

Over here, as much as everyone wanted to have the StockX tag QR code fake vs real authentication method, sadly it’s not the case.

Scanning the StockX tag code will yield you an internal code used by the company which, for the time being, can not help you anyhow.

fake vs real stockx coin guide

However, there is one glaring flaw that fakes present: if the StockX tag scan takes you to their website, you’re looking at a counterfeit tag.

How to scan a StockX tag

You can try it for yourself in the picture above.

Open up your iPhone’s camera (I’m not sure whether Android has this as well? Leave a comment and let me know!), point at one of the two codes and you’ll either be taken to:

  1. A 1802… type of phone number — on the real StockX tag
  2. The company’s website — on the fake tag

The 2021 StockX Tag’s QR Code

So as time passed, we promised to update our guides, and that’s the case for the 2021 StockX tag’s QR Code.

Whether you knew it or not, we’re here to explain it: StockX updated their side of the QR Code, and for the most part, the new StockX tags have their QR Code not linking to their phone number anymore.

how to spot a fake stockx coin

As you can see from the image with the authentic StockX coin above, the appearance didn’t change at all, as the tag still looks the same as before.

But the thing is that when you try to scan the QR Code, you are now going to be redirected to a combination of numbers and letters, so don’t worry if the new StockX coin does not lead you to StockX’s phone number!

Step 9: Compare the thickness of the coin

Having a look from the side, you might notice that the coin is not thick enough — if that is the case, chances are you’re looking at a replica.

how to spot real vs fake stockx tags

Once again, this might not be visible to the naked eye. However, we recommend that you refer to these pictures. Downloading our app allows you to quickly access this specific tell (or any other) when needed.

Step 10: Peel out the StockX tag QR code sticker, if need be

This might seem a bit excessive, but we do aim to go as deep as possible with our authentication guides. In this tell, we will point out how, if you peel out the QR code sticker, you will see this text on an authentic StockX tag.

how to spot real vs fake stockx coins

The inscription is meant to read “VOID”, however, it’s not fully visible, depending on how strong the adhesive on the back of the white paper sticker was.

Needless to say, the fake StockX tag will not have any kind of inscription, should you remove that QR code sticker.

This is not what everyone must do in order to authenticate their tag, yet it might be a reliable tell if you’re not confident on the other methods.

Step 11: For older StockX tags, inspect this comparison

Below you will see an older model of the StockX tag, which should definitely not be coming with any latest release.

These tags have been discontinued for a couple of years, so there is no reason for the company to put these out anymore.

counterfeit stockx coin

We will quickly note how scuffs can be noticed in the highlighted area. On top of that, the “X” which should be replicating the StockX icon is far from what it should be.

It is true that it’s possible for someone to stock a pair that has been authenticated by StockX from the period of time when they were giving out these specific tags. However, this tag should never come with newer releases.

We’ve attached the fake version of this older model to be used at your own discretion if need be.

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How to spot a fake StockX receipt

Yes, sadly fake StockX receipts are forged as well. However, they’re pretty easy to spot, since the authentic receipts are printed nowadays with a thermal printer.

In other words, think about a label printer, if you’ve ever seen one. It is exactly that technology that is used to print receipts. We’ve attached a poorly-forged receipt, compared to the genuine receipt that StockX puts in their shipments:

how to spot fake stockx receipts

As you can see, the format is totally different. While scammers can get creative when it comes to forging, I doubt someone will go the extra mile to replicate the thermal printer receipt.

Nonetheless, let’s have a quick look at some flaws found on the ingenuine paper.

We’ll start with the upper left corner: the address for StockX’s headquarters is wrong since they’re located number 1046 and the right postal code is 48226.

Besides that, StockX does not ship their shoes from their headquarters, as they have multiple warehouses across the globe.

Alongside the tell we’ve just explained, there seems to be a hand signature — this will never happen, as we’ve analysed above the card that comes with every StockX shipment.

We’ve noticed how not only the signature is printed, but it also has to be from a laminated material.

Are there fake StockX emails?

It’s worth bringing to your attention the fact that StockX emails are forged as well.

Do not simply assume an email is a real one — make sure you use the resources we’re putting here: both the sneaker authentication guides and the StockX tag real vs fake comparison we’ve just covered above.

Is StockX legit and reliable?

Do fakes go through StockX?

There have been discussions on whether StockX is reliable when it comes to the authenticity of the sneakers. The short answer is yes, more often than not, they are reliable and yes, some fakes get through due to human error.

Their at-the-time CEO Josh Luber mentions in an interview how their operations rate of success is 99.85%.

However, this rate is not limited to fakes. That’s not to say that out of their at-the-time 20,000 pairs, 30 are fake. The failure rate includes mishappenings such as:

  • Wrong size
  • Damaged box
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Or, indeed, fakes

We, The Legit Check App, are a different entity than StockX. What we want to do here is put all the facts to the table and make it so that one can understand the full situation and assess it for itself.

Are StockX sneakers authentic?

It’s worth raising awareness around the fact that, at least in today’s environment, negative social media attention is louder than positive one.

In other words, one post per day about fakes is louder than the other 20,000 (random numbers), and you’ve probably seen this for yourself outside this StockX discussion.

At the same time, no one can know for sure, besides God itself if you’re religious — or truly no one if you’re an atheist — whether those stories are legit as well. At the Legit Check App, it is our absolute duty to consider every single scenario possible, including:

  1. People are telling the truth and StockX is indeed letting fakes pass-through
  2. Some of the stories might have as well been invented — by competitors, trolls, and whatnot.
  3. Maybe people claim that their StockX sneakers are fake, when in fact they’re simply misinformed and they’re owning an authentic pair of fakes.

One thing is sure: we aim at providing you with the tools needed to decide for yourself whether the exact pair you are buying from StockX is legit or not.

That is what this fake vs real StockX tag guide is and what the sneakers or other streetwear items guides are out there for.

In our subjective opinion, StockX is owning up to its mistakes and claims that they’re doing everything in its power to fix any wrongdoing, whenever that happens.

Are StockX Yeezys real?

If you’re wondering whether the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 you’ve bought from StockX is real, we need to direct you to our complete guide on how to legit check any colourway of Yeezy 350 V2.

Over there you’ll find all the information you need in order to spot a pair of fake Yeezys, should you be worried that your StockX Yeezys might be fake.

It is simply the best way since we’re an independent company and we make a mission out of being as neutral and close to the truth as possible.

Besides the universal fake vs real Yeezy guide we’ve linked above, we also have specific comparisons on every colourway of the Yeezy (some are still in the making).

In order to see those, download the Legit Check App and navigate to the pair you want to learn how to authenticate.

Does StockX sell used items? Are StockX shoes new?

It is part of StockX’s process to sell only deadstock items: items that are never worn, never tried on, and in perfect condition. Therefore, no, StockX does not sell used items.

Part of their service is to have every single transaction go through them: whether a person is selling or buying with StockX, the item/s will pass through the company’s facilities.

Over there, before the authentication process, the condition of the item will be assessed: if there are signs that an item has been worn or even tampered with, it will be refused and sent back to the seller.

This way, their policy is respected: only unworn, brand new sneakers are sold through them.

How do I remove the StockX tag without cutting it?

We understand that some people might want to collect or simply keep the green StockX coin as a trinket.

We’ve got good news: yes, you can remove the StockX tag without cutting it — in some cases.

In order to remove the StockX tag without cutting it, simply remove the laces of the sneakers you’ve had them on, if they’re attached to the laces part. Otherwise, sadly you won’t be able to remove it without cutting it.

In the past few months, more and more tags are attached to areas of the shoe where they can’t be removed without cutting — such as the pull tab, as you can see in a picture we linked at the beginning of this article.

The reason for that happening is that StockX is indeed trying to combat any scams or frauds that revolve around this authenticity tag.

It is sad that what was meant to be a seal of approval has been replicated, yet the guide we’ve put together should help you decide easily whether you’re looking at a real or fake tag from StockX.

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