About The Legit Check App: The Vision

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Ch Daniel
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Last Updated on September 3, 2020 by Ch Daniel

This is the support website for the Legit Check App.

We’re helping people authenticate their streetwear or high-end designer items with fake vs real comparisons.

Our guides will always be free and we always aim to go as deep as possible when comparing authentic items to their fake counterparts.

For any kind of feedback or suggestion, feel free to us using any social media handle at the bottom of the page.

What you need to know before using the Legit Check App

  1. The main purpose of this app is not to call out people who wear replicas, but to prevent people from getting scammed.
  2. The higher the demand is for a shoe, the closer the replica will be to the original.
  3. 98% of the fakes will fail the barcode scanner test — the concept is explained in the accompanying article, make sure you give that a read. It will save you a lot of time.
  4. Guides are structured on “tells”. You see them on the menu with the white background and coloured squares (e.g. size tag, box label etc). Buttons are ordered so that the most important tells are higher — this means that usually you should be done with authenticating an item thanks to the first buttons. If you have doubts, see the other tells.

The reason for doing this is that if something’s wrong on a topmost-tier fake, it will probably also be wrong on low and medium tier replicas. Most of the time you’ll stop after the first or second button but if you still have doubts, there are some other things you can check to be sure.

The information found here is based on opinions and knowledge of those sneakers and do not represent any company or brand. Legit Check App, Ch Daniel and any other entities related to this service can’t assume any responsibility as it’s up to the user to use its’ judgement.

We do not encourage the purchase of fakes, as we’re aiming to work against that by offering people the information needed to make sure they buy the authentic version. The reason some of the photos have blurred backgrounds is so that we don’t promote replica sellers’ contact.

Since the redesign in May 2019, we wrote the masterplan for the new direction we’re taking. Read it here.

Buy safely,
Legit Check App

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About the Author

Ch Daniel is the co-founder and co-CEO of Legit Check By Ch, one of the world's leading companies in product authentications. Daniel's experience: 8+ years in the luxury industry, 7+ years in the authentication industry, 10+ years of business development. Currently, Daniel is overseeing the development of new products of Legit Check By Ch.
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