10 Tips: How To Resell Sneakers Online (2024)

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How to resell sneakers online
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Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Ch David

Want to get in the sneaker-reselling market? Let’s teach you how to do it.

The resell market is worth nearly $72.2 billion, so rest assured — there’s a piece of cake fro everybody.

Let’s check it out!

How to resell sneakers online

To resell sneakers online effectively, source in-demand sneakers at lower prices, authenticate them, and sell on popular platforms like GOAT.

Pricing your shoes competitively while also ensuring excellent presentation and customer service.

1. Research

  • Understand the Market: Keep up with sneaker trends, popular brands, and models that are in high demand.
  • Learn About Sneakers: Know the details that make certain sneakers more valuable, like limited editions or collaborations.

2. Sourcing Sneakers

  • Retail Purchases: Buy from retail stores, especially during sales or releases of limited editions.
  • Online Drops: Participate in online releases, often announced on brand websites or apps.
  • Second-hand Buys: Look for undervalued sneakers on platforms like eBay or in thrift stores.

3. Authenticity

Sneaker Authentication Service
  • Authenticate: Ensure your sneakers are authentic to maintain credibility and avoid scams.
  • Use Authentication Services: Use Legit Check By Ch to check your shoes.

You can either read free real vs fake guides or opt for the Expert Legit Check Service.

4. Setting Up an Online Presence

Sell on eBay
  • Choose Platforms: eBay, StockX, GOAT, or even Instagram and Facebook Marketplace can be effective.
  • Create a Website: Consider setting up an online store for a more professional approach.

5. Pricing Strategy

How to check my Jordans
  • Market Analysis: Research current market prices for the sneakers you’re selling.
  • Pricing Above Purchase: Ensure your price covers purchase costs, fees, and desired profit margin.

6. Marketing and Promotion

  • Social Media: Utilize platforms like Instagram or X (Twitter) to showcase your sneakers.
  • Networking: Connect with other resellers and sneaker enthusiasts.
  • Create Hype: Use sneaker release dates to build anticipation.

7. Customer Service and Reputation

  • Fast Communication: Respond quickly to queries and concerns.
  • Transparency: Be clear about the condition of the sneakers and your return policy.
  • Build Trust: Positive reviews and consistent service will build your reputation.

8. Shipping and Handling

  • Packaging: Ensure sneakers are well-packed to avoid damage.
  • Shipping Options: Offer various shipping options and include tracking.

9. Legal and Financial Considerations

  • Tax Implications: Be aware of tax obligations from your earnings.
  • Legal Requirements: Understand any legalities involved in online selling in your area.

10. Scaling Your Business

  • Reinvest Profits: Use your earnings to buy more stock.
  • Diversify Inventory: Consider expanding into different types of sneakers or related items.


Remember, success in sneaker reselling requires patience, dedication, and a good understanding of the market.

Happy reselling!

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