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Resellers don't have to pay % of their profits to online marketplaces. Independent reselling still exists. Within the Organizer, our brand new software tool, a network of serious resellers is created. More profits with no % fees.
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Where are the tools that will help independent resellers make more money? We see all the big players eating a % of your profits but… who is making the tools for those who want to be reselling independently?

We couldn't find the answer so we built our own answer.
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Here’s the problem
Out of the item you sell...
On avg. goes to transaction fees
On avg. goes to the payment processor
On avg. goes to shipping fees
Can go towards “luxury import duties”
In the end...
Paying fees to platforms
The more you sell, the more you pay in fees.
$1,000 in sales
28% fees: $280
$2,000 in sales
28% fees: $560
$3,000 in sales
28% fees: $840
Selling independently
The more you sell, the more you get out of your Legit Check Organizer subscription.
$1,000 in sales
$5 subscription
$2,000 in sales
$5 subscription
$3,000 in sales
$5 subscription
What's the solution, then?
Going independent
+20% profit
You’re more likely to increase your profits by 20% from the fees you now won't have to pay to platforms.
3x sales
On average, a customer buys 3 more times for you — if they get to know you, which does not happen with middlemen platforms.
Keep customers
Your customers are yours when you’re independent. Middlemen platforms take that from you.
Last resort
Sure, you can always get back to selling through a platform. But only as a last resort.
How do you go independent?
We’ve built the Legit Check By Ch Organizer to help resellers go independent. Through this tool you will:
Organize your stock and your items. But also get to see (and search through) other resellers’ stock lists.
Note down your order list, the list of items people want from you. But also get to see (and search) other resellers’ order list.
Have detailed analytics about your stock: how much you’re selling per month, how much is your stock worth etc.
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Bigger companies are closing in on independent resellers.
It's time to build a select network of serious resellers.
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