Resellers can work smarter (not just harder)
The Legit Check By Ch Organizer is more than just a tool to organize your business: it instantly puts you in a valuable network of resellers.

You'll be one click away from other resellers who are just as serious as you about their business. Strike a deal with them. Join the network. Don't let the independent reseller class die.
Here's how the tool works
1. The Stock List
First, add the items you’ve currently got in your stock: sneakers, clothes, watches, bags etc — everything you're selling.
Click this green button to mark the item as sold!
The Organizer is now the central console of your reselling business.

As you add new items or you mark items as "sold", information is automatically updated to show you relevant figures that help you run your business.

Profit is auto-calculated profit based on your selling price (and, optionally, the lowest price you're ready to accept for that item. Need to see market prices to get a better idea of your item's price? Turn on that field and it'll be there.
Here’s when it gets better: once your stock is online, you can search through the stock of the other resellers in the network! (You can opt out of sharing your info)

Does your customer want one last item you don't currently have? Tired of asking other resellers about their stock? Or maybe you're just hunting for a good deal?

Searching other resellers' inventory is one click away.
With the Legit Check Organizer, finding the item you need within the network of resellers is easy: search for the name, add a few filters and you’ll be shown a list of results. Then, you’ll see some the seller’s price, the item’s approximated market value and an auto-calculated difference.

Is the item attractive? You’re once click away from chatting to that reseller. Click chat and start dealing!
2. The Order List
Note down the items that your customers have requested from you and organize your demand. Once you add an item, you’ll also be able to see the market price so that you can estimate how good of an opportunity that is for you.

Here’s when it gets better: once your order list is online, you can search through the order list of the other resellers in the network! (You can opt out of this as well). The demand for your item might already be there in another reseller’s list.

With the Organizer, you simply browse through other sellers' demand and then you strike a deal with them. Cash made.
3. See market information about your product
Your product’s price is influenced by the market. Within the Organizer, you see information about your item’s demand and supply prices, so you can get a better idea of how to price it.

Besides, you’re free to add notes so that yourself or other resellers can get more information about the product you’re selling.

The green search button instantly starts a search within the network of order lists: this way you will see if another resellers already has the demand that you can supply.
4. Chatting within the network is one click away
An important part of a successful resell business is communication and being well-connected. Now that through the Organizer you’re able to see other resellers’ stock and order lists, you’re also able to start a conversation with them.

Chat away within the exclusive network and make a deal!
Coming soon!
5. Analytics and auto-calculated tax documents
Within the Organizer, you will be able to see detailed analytics about your reselling activity: how much you’re selling, how many items, what your profit looks like, forecasts about the future activity etc.

Besides, you’ll also be able to easily export tax documents for the end of the fiscal year. Assuming your whole activity is coordinated within the Organizer, tax filing will become a breeze.
Ready to join the network?