Goyard Authentication Service

Whether you are looking for a large bag, a handbag or for a card-holder, Goyard is the brand you are looking for. The grade and the opulence speak for themselves when it comes to Goyard. You can smoothly spot a Goyard product because of the “Y” pattern that’s present on pretty much every product manufactured by Goyard. The Goyard authentications team is always here for you when you need to check the authenticity of a Goyard product. We’re proud to say that we have lots of experience with Goyard products, and if you are looking to get your item checked, we can definitely help you with that.

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Common questions about the Goyardauthentication service

Can you authenticate my item? If yes, where do I start?

The short answer is: we most probably can.

On the off-chance that you place an order for an item we can't authenticate, we'll refund the purchase.

Besides, if we're not sure about an authentication's verdict, we would rather refund the purchase.

Our expertise is earned through the millions of words for the thousands of items we've covered in our Legit Check By Ch Library, where we keep publishing, updating, curating and tweaking the world's most exhaustive Library of fake vs real authentication guides.

To find out for sure whether we can authenticate an item or not:

1. Simply click the green button below
2. Find your item
3. You'll either find your item in our list, or, if you can't find it, you'll be able to select just the brand and the item type.
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What do I need to place an order?
Is it complicated?

Not much... just your device, information and... that's pretty much it! Even pics of your item are optional: you can upload them later at any given point.
How does the Goyard Authentication Service work? What is the process like?
How do I know I can trust you? Why do you claim to be the most trusted source of truth in the industry?
Who is this service for? Is the service for me?
What happens if my Goyard item is fake?

How long will the authentication service take?

The set timeframe for an answer on our authentication service is 48h. However, most of the time our answer will be with you faster than that. Sometimes we may take up to 48h simply because every authentication is a serious matter to us.

How many items can I authenticate if I purchase the service once?

One purchase is valid for the authentication of one item. If you need more than one item authenticated, rest assured — our team is happy to help you with as many items as you need. Simply use the "Add another item" box in the on the order page.
Let's authenticate

What payment methods have you got? What currencies?

We accept all credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery etc. We can't accept PayPal, crypto, bank transfers or any other form of payment.

All our prices are in USD for the moment!

Is there a free alternative to the authentication service?

We understand the authentication service is not everyone's preferred option when it comes to authenticating an item. For this specific reason, we're building the Legit Check By Ch Library, the free alternative to our service. Over there, you will see the very documents we use to authenticate items for our customers. Visit the library to explore the detailed comparisons on how to spot fake and authentic items — all free.

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Either email us at [email protected] or use the live chat buble in the lower right corner of the page!

How does the Goyard Authentication Service work?


Place an order for the Legit Check White Glove Authentication Service

Simply send us everything that might be a burden for you: the set of pictures of your Goyard item and some basic information on the purchase.
Place an order

Is your Goyard item fake? We’ll find out.

An authenticator from our team will be assigned to your order. He or she will carefully analyse specific fine details of your Goyard item, so as to assess its authenticity.
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The verdict about your Goyard item is sent to you

After up to 48 hours, you will be reached out through email to receive your item’s authenticity status, along with a report. With every authentication, we'll attach as many reasons for our decision as we've got (our average is 5 reasons per order).

Optional: Get a Certificate of Authenticity

We hope we won’t have to bring bad news, but if we do — worry not. We will do everything that’s in our power to help you get a refund if you’ve been scammed, through our Certificate of Authenticity.

You'll be able to buy a Certificate of Authenticity after you've received your Authentication.
Certificate of Authenticity

Hmm, okay. How do I know I can trust you?

Backed by our +1,000,000-words library of guides

Everything we decide is backed by our exhaustive library of guides. We’re the only company that makes itself accountable to its decisions by providing a library of fake vs real comparison guides.
See our library

Giving upfront, as opposed to asking

As a consequence, we’re forcing ourselves to prove our knowledge through our free, public Goyard authentication guides. We believe that’s how trust is built — by offering free value upfront.

Is the Goyard authenticity check service for me?

This service is for you if…
You're buying Goyard items online and you want to make sure you're getting the authentic version
You need the Goyard authentication service as you bought an item and you have doubts in regards to its authenticity
You're reselling Goyard items as a small/big business and want to please your customers with authentic items only

What if my Goyard item is fake?

Is your item fake? As much as we’d like to not bring bad news, sometimes it happens. We’re doing everything we can as a company to build a safe infrastructure for buyers.
If, however, you paid with PayPal, a card that can issue a chargeback or any of the other payment methods we’ve covered in our scam recovery guide, there are good news. A Legit Check By Ch Certificate of Authenticity will help you get your money back.
And the best part? It’s guaranteed — if the financial authority will not side with you, we will refund you our service without any hesitation.
Learn more about our Certificate

Why should you use the Legit Check By Ch Goyard authentication service?

100% accountability
We have a library of hundreds of thousands of words written on how to spot fake items. Every day, we're working hard to expand it so that there's less information asymmetry
4.9/5 stars
When we’re rated, we’re as close to perfection as it could get. See for yourself why people have given us the high rating.
Mission-driven company
We’re building the infrastructure for safely buying items online. Our mission is driving the marketplace to a better place. By supporting us you're making the marketplace safer!