Question: How much can you earn with Refer & Earn?

Short answer:¬†more than our competitors charge for one check. Oh, and you don't have to work for this money. Oh, and it keeps on coming into your pocket ‚ÄĒ every month.
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You'll then earn
$499.5 USD
every month
$5,994 USD
every year
While doing nothing ‚ÄĒ it's fully passive income, for which our company works!¬†You just cash in the cheques for the people that subscribed thanks to you.

And that doesn't account for the earnings that keep piling up, if you keep bringing people!

How you can start Referring & Earning


Sign up for the Refer & Earn program

Signing up takes a few seconds. After that, you'll be ready to Refer & Earn in no time.
Join the Refer & Earn Program

Receive a unique link

You'll receive a link which can be shared with your audience (or anyone else, really!)

Besides, you'll be able to tweak settings such as: payout method, unique URL, etc.

Refer people

When somebody makes a purchase for any of the Club subscriptions, you're earning!

That applies to every month in which the person is subscribed, for as long as 12 months.

Get paid consistently

Our authenticators do the work, you keep cashing the cheques. You'll earn 50% commission of what subscribers pay for their Club Membership.

This becomes passive income for you, as you won't have to do anything else other than that.