How to spot fake Bape (A Bathing Ape)

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Bape (A Bathing Ape)

1. Neck Tag


  1. Stitching: Neat and durable.
  2. Bape Icon: Detailed and crisp.
  3. Print Lines: Clear and sharp.
  4. Text Placement: Properly spaced, such as in “1993 to 2093”.
  5. Letter Alignment: Precise and orderly.
  6. Letter Clarity: Letters, like “A” and “R”, are easily distinguishable.
  7. Size Font: Proportionate and standard, for example, “XL”.


  1. Stitching: Often poor or inconsistent.
  2. Bape Icon: Lacks detail.
  3. Print Lines: Fuzzy or irregular.
  4. Text Placement: Improbably spaced.
  5. Letter Alignment: May show misalignments.
  6. Letter Clarity: Difficult to distinguish between similar letters.
  7. Size Font: Inconsistencies present, such as an oversized “XL”

2. Shark


  • Eye Positioning: Sufficient space between the eyes and the zipper.
  • Eye Size: Eyes are of a standard, larger size.
  • Mouth Shape: Features a distinct, highlighted curve on the bottom side.
  • Tongue Positioning: Maintains a balanced space without touching the teeth.


  • Incorrect Eye Positioning: Eyes too close to the zipper.
  • Smaller Eye Size: Eyes noticeably smaller compared to authentic versions.
  • Altered Mouth Shape: Lacks the characteristic curve on the bottom side.
  • Tongue Issue: Extends to occupy a larger area, touching both upper and lower teeth.

3. Star


  • Stitching on the star is of the correct size and thickness, appearing bigger, longer, and thicker.


  • Threads on the star are incorrectly sized and too thin.
  • Stitches are too small and short, noticeable around the star.

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