How To Spot A Fake Bape Gold Tag (2024)

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Ch Daniel
Real vs Fake Bape
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Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Ch David

Here is our Bape gold tag real vs fake comparison.

In this legit check guide, we’ll go over the small detail that’s on every “A Bathing Ape” clothing item, covering how to spot a fake Bape gold tag.

Keep in mind that in order to learn how to authenticate the Bape Shark/Tiger Hoodie, we’ve made this guide where we go really in-depth with our comparisons.

Make sure you use that guide if you’re legit checking a hoodie.

Now let’s get into the fake vs real Bape gold tag comparison.

How to tell if a Bape gold tag is fake or real

To spot a fake Bape gold tag, you have to look for any inconsistencies in terms of stitching and shininess. Fakes always shine too little and have fewer stitches compared to real tags.

The inconsistencies might range, but they will always be there in at least 95% of the fakes on the market. We’ve identified the following.

We will start by saying that the gold tag is not necessarily the #1 tell to look out for, but in the case in which you’re not having a specific real vs fake comparison, it’s the best thing you’ve got.

1. Bape logo

  • We can notice here how the authentic gold tag is thicker and of higher quality.
  • The fake Bape logo on the gold tag has different dimensions and different spacing from the edges.
  • In other words, the Bape logo is positioned differently in this case.
  • That aside, we can also pay attention to the side stitching found on the authentic gold tag — the fake has got this as well, but to a lesser degree.

Finding it too hard? Reach out to our Bape experts:

2. Materials

bape gold tag real vs fake

I understand we’re comparing a golden neck tag with a wash tag so don’t take this picture as a guide on its own. It needs the context we’re adding here.

  • The one on the left is placed in a different spot but the naked eye can see it’s using higher quality, thicker materials.
  • The fake one, on the other side, seems thinner.
  • Notice here as well the difference in wash tag stitching richness — one thing we’ve pointed out in our Bape Hoodie real vs fake comparison.
  • In other words, the stitching found on the fake tag is not dense enough.

Have a look at the guide we’ve linked above to make sure you’re on top of your game when it comes to spotting fake wash tags.

3. Text

Let’s flip the Bape gold tag over — upon doing that we’ll see this:

  • Pay attention to how close the text is to the edges.
  • In the fake gold tag’s case, the text is significantly closer to the extremes.
  • We’ll point out here how the replica Bape gold tag has got the stitching right, only to fall short of this shape tell.

3. Shape

  • As you might have seen in the first tell, the overall shape of this tag is different.

Note: This will vary depending on where the Bape golden tag you’re authenticating is placed, but keep in mind that the authentic one should be shorter than what we can see above on the fake side.

5. Shininess

Last but not least, we’ll conclude with the same picture we’ve linked above.

bape gold tag legit check guide

It’s harder to tell through pictures but in real life the difference is distinguishable.

  • The fake golden tag is too shiny, thus reflecting more light.

Yes, this will vary, depending on the lighting. As a consequence, don’t jump to conclusions very fast, especially when looking at pictures (i.e. not in a face-to-face real life meeting).

A picture taken with the flash can make even an authentic Bape gold tag look like it’s too shiny.

With that being said, this concluded our fake vs real gold tag comparison. I hope it will help you and, most importantly, I hope you’ll buy it safely.

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Ch Daniel and Ch David

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