How to spot fake Chrome Hearts

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3 quickest ways to spot fake Chrome Hearts

Stitching Quality:

  • The fake jeans exhibit poorly done stitching, with threads of different sizes and lengths, while the genuine Chrome Hearts jeans have consistent, neatly done stitching.

Extra Thread:

  • On the right side of the cross, the fake jeans have an extra thread in the top-left area, which is absent in the authentic pair.

Leather Quality:

  • The fake jeans show creases in the leather on the left side’s cross, whereas the authentic jeans have high-quality, crease-free leather.

2. Wash Tag

  1. The “CHROME” and “HEARTS” text on the fake CH tee’s wash tag are too thick, making the letters appear bold and less legible. In contrast, the authentic Chrome Hearts t-shirts have thinner and more readable “CHROME HEARTS” text on the wash tag.
  2. The “BODY:” inscription on the fake item is too thin and narrow, while the authentic tee’s text is thicker and wider.
  3. The “COTON” inscription on the fake item appears too narrow, whereas the legitimate tee’s text is wider.
  4. Regarding the “100%” inscriptions on the fake item, the characters are too thick, and the numbers are placed too close to each other. In contrast, the real tee’s text is thinner, and there is more space between the numbers.

3. Barcode

On the fake hoodie:

  • The “CH” text is too thin, giving it a weaker and narrower appearance compared to the real one.
  • The numbers and the dash character (“-“) below the barcode lines are also too thin on the fake.

In contrast, the authentic Chrome Hearts hoodie:

  • Has “CH” text that looks thicker and bulkier, giving it a stronger appearance than its replica.

Chrome Hearts fake vs real guides for individual items

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